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Anonymous Sep 07, 2003 5:25am

Rollercoaster Hand
I'm playing Hold'em with 4 friends a few nights ago...and doing pretty well. The deal comes and I'm holding Ace/10 hearts. The player before me goes all in pre-flop, and now the bet is to me.

Before this hand, the guy that just went all in had gone in several times (I think six) before pre-flop with nothing too good in his pocket. Each of the times, however, he had won by getting lucky on the flop. After winning, he'd slowly lose a good portion of his stack before going all-in again...and doubling up. With that in mind, I quickly called his $2.10 bet (we're college's a lot of money to us ;) ).

Everyone else folded and we flipped our cards. He's got a 4/5 diamonds. At this point, I'm really confident that I'm going to be the one to make him pay for going all-in on nothing.

The first card of the flop comes, a 5. When I see this, I completely lose all confidence in my once-superior hand. Of course, I still have 4 cards to hit I wait for the next card.

The second card of the flop is another 5. Seeing this completely destroys any hope that I had previously had at winning the hand. I mean...sure, there's a chance that I'll come back...but it's certainly not looking pretty for me at the moment.

The third card comes, and it's an Ace. Of course, I like seeing the ace...but I'm thinking to myself that it's too little, too it's going to be tough to beat his set of 5's...

Next, the turn comes in the form of another ace. God Bless America. This gives me a full house, aces over 5's, and basically destroys any chance that he has. He throws his hat on the ground in disgust and I get ready to rake in his chips...

...but there's still the last card. The dealer shows the river: the last 5. Damn. He hits on a four of a kind to beat my aces full of 5's. Even though I didn't come out with that pot...I'd have to say that it's easily my most memorable poker hand to date. Absolutely amazing.

Phil Sep 07, 2003 2:51pm

Oh man!
Great story..and I would say great call for $2! :D

I think we can all feel your pain....

Just one thing, do you guys in college SHUFFLE the cards? LOL



Anonymous Sep 07, 2003 9:26pm

Yeah, we shuffle ;)

whalemangler Sep 18, 2003 9:22pm

Playing in a tournament at

Dealer: Trny:855953 Level:1
Dealer: Game #50162076265 starts.
Dealer: ** Dealing down cards **
Dealer: zeroaces02 raises [325].
Dealer: YeaPacers calls [325].
Dealer: festus1188 folds.
Dealer: whalemangler calls [325].
Dealer: Kie_madami folds.
Dealer: IAMTHELAW calls [310].
Dealer: ** Dealing Flop ** [ Th, 4h, Qh ]
Dealer: IAMTHELAW checks.
Dealer: zeroaces02 checks.
Dealer: YeaPacers bets [150].
Dealer: whalemangler calls all-In.
Dealer: IAMTHELAW calls all-In.
Dealer: zeroaces02 folds.
Dealer: YeaPacers calls [1370].
Dealer: ** Dealing Turn ** [ Td ]
Dealer: ** Dealing River ** [ Ah ]
Dealer: YeaPacers shows two pairs, aces and queens.
Dealer: whalemangler shows Royal Flush.
Dealer: IAMTHELAW shows two pairs, tens and fours.
Dealer: IAMTHELAW finished in sixth place
#50162076265: whalemangler wins 2240 chips from side pot #1 with Royal Flush.
#50162076265: whalemangler wins 2510 chips from the main pot with Royal Flush.
Dealer: IAMTHELAW has left the table.
Dealer: Trny:855953 Level:1
Dealer: Game #50162077032 starts.
Dealer: There is no Small Blind in this hand as the Big Blind of the previous hand left the table.
Dealer: ** Dealing down cards **
Dealer: YeaPacers folds.
Dealer: festus1188 calls [15].
Kie_madami: gh
zeroaces02: wnh
whalemangler: holy!!!
YeaPacers: XXXX a royal flush

moongod Sep 19, 2003 5:40am

too bad party poker doesnt pay extra for getting a royal (that i know of). so, did you win then?! (BTW, i have played on a table with you at PP, and i like your play :D )

maverick Sep 19, 2003 12:13pm

play with me
if you ever play with me at partypoker you probably wont like me....I dont play nice!

he he

whalemangler Sep 19, 2003 8:34pm

Ya I won that one.

Got 86th out of 1100 or so on a Pokerstars $1 tourney the other night. Won a big $1.72!

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