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whalemangler Sep 29, 2003 8:14pm

Pacific poker has the worst players ever!
I recently moved to Pacific Poker from Pokerstars after looking at the flop % and the play there and I must say that I have never seen worse players.

I sat down at a .25 .50 table to get used to the 80% flop style of play and watched the biggest maniac I have ever seen rack up a $60 bankroll by chasing EVERYTHING and catching it. He was in with any hand no matter what the raises were. For the first 45 minutes I got nothing but nut flush draws that never panned out.

I finally got a good hand and caught a straight to the ace with him raising the whole way. But then, the board pairs 10s and the river is a king and the one hand I am in with the guy who plays anything he has pocket kings and catches a king for the full house. Disgusting.

I was down to 4 bucks when the following hand occurred.

I hold Ah Qc in 3rd position and raise and get re raised and re re raised immediately to my left. Amazingly TWO more people called the full raise. Normally I would fold but another maniac had joined the party right next to the first. I call, the blinds bail.

Flop is 4h 3s Qs. I lead out. I get raised by maniac 1, maniac 2(the original maniac) raises him, caller 1 calls, caller 2 bails. I call but maniac 1 re-raises. All call. At this point there is 9 dollars in the pot and I am fully committed with only $2.16 left.

Turn is 9c. I check, maniac 1 bets, maniac 2 raises, caller calls, I call, maniac 1 re raises, maniac 2 re raises again and caps.

River is 2c. I bet my last .16 and the maniacs go at it full in a wild orgy of raising again.

I flip up my AQ and take the $17.60 main pot amazingly with a pair of queens. Maniac 1 shows his pocket 6s to win the $3 side pot.


That means that the original maniac, who is down to 29 dollars from 60 was raising and re raising with NOTHING the whole time. I imagine he had a flush or straight draw. Not only that but he continued to raise and call even on the river when it didn't pan out.

RogueGnat Oct 18, 2003 11:33pm

I play at Pacific some too and know what you are saying. The ONLY suggestion I can make is to 1st, make sure you have time to sit and wait, and 2nd, play ONLY the Biggest and best hands. Watch the flop. If it helps you significantly, either bet and Try to run folks out of the pot, or call, and jam the pot at the Turn. If the Turn helps you or at least does not show something which could potentially threaten your hand, then check/raise, call, or bet depending on your feeling. At the river you should have a decent idea of what you have and how to run with it.

I try to not run people out of the pot if I recognize that they are loose and like the bet/raise/cap game. In that situation, with a great hand, I will just call all the way and allow them to bet themselves into oblivian.

Folding, like I do, tends to make the game a little boreing, but when my cards come, the adrenalin comes up and makes up for the sitting back and watching part I have played until then.

In the mean time, I started an excell worksheet to keep track of how hands would have played out if I had not folded. I track only the hands I had doubts about, the "hard laydowns". Once I have that, I pay attention to the Flop, Turn and River and track whether I'd have won or lost in each catagory. From that, I break it down into sets of 10 and get a percentage of how I'd have done if I had played the hand. So far, it is in the down side like 30% vs. 70%. For that reason, I stand on the playing Only the best hands, and eating the rest in a fold.

Take it for what it is worth.


Ozone Oct 19, 2003 12:43am

I was able to build up a couple hundred dollar roll on Pacific, but it took me quite a while to learn the site. I had been losing for a while.

My advice would be to a.) NEVER go on tilt..which is easy to do against calling machines...and b.) take TwoGun's advice with his "Guide To Pacific Poker" helps quite a bit.

Good luck.


whalemangler Oct 20, 2003 4:27pm

I'm doin ok profit wise. I have doubled my original $100 playing mostly .10/.25

The higher tables don't seem to play much better, but I am moving up slowly just because of the wild swings.


ThurdEyeOpen Oct 20, 2003 4:38pm

There's some total idiots on UB as well.

Just today I was in a pot with this dude, flop was AA2, I have an A in my hand, so I bet, and he raises me. So we go back and forth and cap it. turn card is an A. I've got all 4, so I'm jamming the pot. All the while he keeps raising and betting into me. After the river, he turns over 26.

What a moron.

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