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Anonymous Oct 21, 2003 10:11pm

my best hand
I've been wanting to share this with you guys for a couple of weeks now.
I was recently playing at Pacific Poker in a 15/30 game. This is how the hand went.
I was dealt 4s5s on the big blind. It was a full table and there were 6 callers around to me and I checked. (I would have folded if a raise came)
The flop came 8sJsJc.
Small blind checks,I check, next player bets 15 and EVERYBODY calls,
the pot is now around $180.00
The turn, 6s.....I've made my flush...Sm blind checks, I check because with everybody in, I figure there's either a boat, 4 J's, or a higher flush out there. Next player bets 30. Amazingly EVERYBODY calls again. now the pot is around $400...
The river comes, 7s I've made my straight flush...Sm blind checks, I bet 30. Next player raises to 60 and again EVERYBODY calls. I reraise to 90 on hopes that everybody made their hand. Everybody calls...I win the pot of over $1000...
This was by far one of the most exciting hands I've ever played..

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