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ThurdEyeOpen Oct 28, 2003 9:23am

I love hitting a str8 flush when someone has the A hi flush
Getting Hand History Information...

Hand #560025-13 at Sat1amNL-01 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
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Started at 25/Oct/03 01:14:34

jdl50 is at seat 0 with 1030.
Languid is at seat 1 with 1700.
mitchman1114 is at seat 2 with 1965.
Cigar is at seat 3 with 1845.
dirtydawg is at seat 4 with 2230.
Todd A is at seat 5 with 965.
McKnife is at seat 6 with 865.
ThirdEyeOpen is at seat 7 with 1115.
desertslim is at seat 8 with 1870.
hemp is at seat 9 with 650.
The button is at seat 9.

jdl50 posts the small blind of 10.
Languid posts the big blind of 20.

jdl50: -- --
Languid: -- --
mitchman1114: -- --
Cigar: -- --
dirtydawg: -- --
Todd A: -- --
McKnife: -- --
ThirdEyeOpen: Qs 8s
desertslim: -- --
hemp: -- --


mitchman1114 folds. Cigar folds. dirtydawg calls.
Todd A folds. McKnife folds. ThirdEyeOpen calls.
desertslim folds. hemp calls. jdl50 calls.
Languid checks.

Flop (board: 9s Qc Js):

jdl50 checks. Languid checks. dirtydawg bets 100.
ThirdEyeOpen calls. hemp folds. jdl50 folds.
Languid folds.

Turn (board: 9s Qc Js 6c):

dirtydawg checks. ThirdEyeOpen bets 50. dirtydawg

River (board: 9s Qc Js 6c Ts):

dirtydawg checks. ThirdEyeOpen bets 400. dirtydawg
raises to 1600. ThirdEyeOpen goes all-in for 945.
dirtydawg is returned 655 (uncalled).

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

dirtydawg shows As 6s.
ThirdEyeOpen shows Qs 8s.


dirtydawg has As 6s 9s Js Ts: flush, ace high.
ThirdEyeOpen has Qs 8s 9s Js Ts: straight flush, queen high.

Hand #560025-13 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
ThirdEyeOpen wins 2290 with straight flush, queen high.

Ozone Oct 28, 2003 6:35pm

King High Straight Flush
I went all in after the flop, just hoping to double up.

Let's just say I did. :wink:


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