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Smack Nov 26, 2003 8:47pm

Cleaned up at my local game
hey guys.

I just won $64 profit on a $10 buy in at my local NL game last night. I am quite proud cause I think I have been playing decent poker these last few weeks but have been hovering around even. Actually I went up about $30 before last weekend and lost that on Saturday in 2 games.

I had some sour cards for the first hour but then the rivers were stunning for me. I was up to about $80 I wold say at my peak, but the cards stopped comming and I got beat by a few good hands. Had a high straight taken by a flush and so forth. But I think I am becoming disciplined in not playing sub-par hands even if I am up a ton of money. cause thats how you lose it and I watch some of my friends do it all the time. they win big early and are broke by the end of the game.

I can sometimes be a tough table to play at cause 85% of the guys are calling stations and some are crazy loose-aggressives. So they will chase something to the river and sometimes get ya, but if you play smart you can burn em big once in a while. I am just trying to mix up my play enough so they don't think I am tight-passive all the time, cause I find that method is a good way to drag money out of them a lot of times and they don't even see it.

Just thought I would share my elation with you all.

Anonymous Nov 30, 2003 5:00pm

Gj Smack, I was invited to a game by a brother of a friend. Besides online poker, it is the only game I play. We play every Sunday for $10 buy-in with rebuys for 2 hours. I've taken hom 3 $120 and up pots since I've been there and have only lost twice. I'm afraid they are going to stop inviting me.

Smack Dec 01, 2003 2:41am

Good work on takin those guys cash. Since that post I have played a few more times and won a bit more but not as much as that $64. but counting that $64 I am up about $115 in my last 4 sessions. Seems the winning streak amoung my friends is 5 games so I might be outta luck soon.

I am curious about how your game works though. How does this 2-hour rebuy work? Players can only re-buyin for 2 hours and after that no more?

Anonymous Jan 09, 2004 6:20pm

Yeah, we start at 8:00, rebuys until 10:00. This is to let people rebuy if the feell like it, but also keep the game from going all night. After 10:00 the blinds double with each person that goes out.

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