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manutdfan1 Apr 09, 2004 5:40am

I ususally show a stone-bluff about half the time, just to put everyone on tilt and get the attention focused my way.

meckah Apr 09, 2004 9:32am

Keep 'em guessing is what i say.

Fencer04 Apr 09, 2004 7:18pm

Uncheck the AutoMuck in the lower left hand corner, third from the top I think. When you lose or win it will ask you with 2 buttons on the bottom whether or not you want to show. Me, the only way someone is seeing my cards is if they pay for it. Other than that they can go scratch.

Bravado Apr 18, 2004 10:07am

Showing hands is a psycological tool and a highly debated one.

I usually show my insane monster hands if everyone folds.

I win most of my showdowns and typically look like a Tight/Passive player, which isn't the case, but I try to make it look that way. :lol:

I don't generally online stay at one table for more than 2 hours and mix up what and when and how I play.

I am definitely not someone you want at your table. :twisted:


Barry Jul 21, 2004 7:20am

I almost never show. It gives away info for free. If they want to see they got to pay.

However, if i feel my raises are getting to much respect i will show a bad hand to try and get action latter. Or sometimes i will just try to steal as much as possible and never show. The higher the limits the less i'll show.

maxwedge Jul 22, 2004 4:00am

NO WAY do I show!!! Let them guess!!!!

queenie5 Jul 22, 2004 7:21am

if I win....u may see my hand. If I lose....u cannot see it, but u can go to sleep knowing that you got lucky tonite......

Big Ty Jul 23, 2004 10:24pm

If no one is calling my raises, I'll bluff and show em' just to make them call the next one.

KApiDick Jul 29, 2004 8:07pm

I like to show 75% of my won hands, dont show 25% of won hands and NONE of my lost hands. This way they think i bluffed em about 50% of the time and NEVER know what i play when i win. Also, i tend to show ALOT more hands early and then change my style then show NO hands later. Either of these are fun. When you dont show any hands it stops becoming an element of the game. The more elements the more psychological and complex the game and that REALLY messes up stupid people. I enjoy it. PEACE.

KApiDick Jul 29, 2004 8:10pm

OKAY, by winning hands i mean i bet them out of the pot with a strong hand. By losing hand I mean pre-river, if i bluffed them out of the pot or if i won the hand with a bet and a weak hand (2nd button, draw). I never show bluffs and never show losing hands on river.

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