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Jason1 Jun 05, 2005 12:47am

OM freakin G, ready to tear my hair out
I started playing the SNGs on pacific. I played at pacific a long time ago at the limit cash games and did quite well. i then started doing EXTREMELY well at SNG's on other sites. I figured I would go back to Pacific and give it a go.

1. $800 worth of chips for no limit with starting $20 blinds.. are you kidding me ??????????????????? I could see if it started with 5 or 10, that makes more sense, but right off at 20 like most other sites. Its like your starting handicapped. You make a couple of pot sized bets your out of the game. Most of the time 3 people are out in less than 10-15 hands.

2. this is my real grip.... i lost THREE !!!! .... yes THREE times to trips.... no big deal right. well let me finish. every single time i lost to one ranking kicker. Short hand game so the hand value goes up keeep in mind. I get like JQ suited, J10 suited whatever. i limp in. hit trips. im short stacked of course (who isn't at this freakin site) so i all in.... the other guy calls me with yes JQ when i had J10 , and yes KJ when I had JQ and the third time was when it was down to three of us I was the BB so i was in. everyone limped... i had 52o the other guy ahd 62o. flip trip twos... I'm like thank god.. so i all in. to my surprise the chips go to him............still not done. when i was out kicked i waso outkicked by the 5th card. the 4th card was always a higher overcard on the board. such as A K and the third time Q.

I'm ready to go insane.....i give it three thumbs down ! (not because i lost but because of the extremely low chip count on NL tourny's)

weknowhowtolive Jun 05, 2005 7:58am may want to stop playing there?

xenthebrain Jun 05, 2005 9:34am

If you don't like the structure, don't play there

TackleBoxMurphy Jun 05, 2005 9:54am

Well I have been playing there forever and sit n gos as well and I do fine in them. OK so maybe you just did have a run of bad luck there, but still is it worth it to put your tournament life at stake for trips? I think you should play your hands a little more conservatively instead of jumping all in when u see trips on the board.

TackleBoxMurphy Jun 05, 2005 2:45pm

Of course I know that it can be very hard to let trips go, especially if someone has been acting like a manic and puts u all in with them. I guess what I am trying to say is to, especially in sit n gos, is to be more cautious to what could be out there. Placing in sit n gos consistantly for me atleast means playing a tighter and more cautios game, seeing as how the thousand in chips i lose is alot more valuable then the thousand I can win. I am usually not building the pot huge enough to justify a call when I all in unless i have the serious nuts, or that the odds that there is hand out there that can beat me is very, very slim. And the chip count is 1,000 i believe not 800, atleast in all the ones I have played it has been.

I thought there was a edit button to edit posts where the hell did it go?

AH NM I wasn't logged in. I could re- edit it to show up in one post now but im to tired anyway so screw it.

Jason1 Jun 05, 2005 3:32pm

i assure you its 800 not 1000

i plan on cashing out and moving my money to another site to play. i was just venting... nothing more. that is the purpouse of this section isnt it ?

and when your on a rainbow board where flushes and straights arent possible and trips are the best hand and you have the highest set of trips and your short stacked what are you to do??, your shortstacked due to the lack of chips not by bad play and by default pot committed...

i just had a run of very rare and strange bad luck... nothing more. im calmed now. i was just real jacked last night.

thanks for the input.

Elizabeth Jun 05, 2005 5:40pm

At Pacific, the starting chip count is 800 for SNGs $2.50-20.00, 1000 for $30.00+.

It's actually a great place for SNGs. If you have the bankroll to move up to the $30+3 buy in, maybe you will like the structure better. They are still very soft at that level. (Not as soft as before they added the $20, but very manageable.)

Would be a shame to cash out everything there and miss opportunites because of a bad run.

Jason1 Jun 05, 2005 7:46pm

i like to give things a chance and not run away... but that doesn't change me liking it or not.

this is todays update so far.

all the cash I won at limit i lost today. it was "flop board pair" day, thus far I played probably 3 hours and i bet i saw 40 hands do that.... i wonder if there isn't distinctivenes in the different site's card randomizers ? like one site has a tendency to do one thing than anothers ? ... i dont know food for thought.

anyway. i dont know if im playing too low of a limit or not but im taking what i consider huge swings on the limit games. ill win big with idiots staying with crap and lost big to it to... for instance, people chasing gut draw straights and so forth. calling the reraises and everything. even prefolop with gapped off suite cards. i try that for an experiment and i lose big.

my SNG win rate.. as in first place is about 70%. id say another 15% as 2nd and 3rd and another 15% as 4th or less. as in if i play 3 SNGs a day ill get first place twice. if i dont i get pissed and ill play 4. so i lost three in a row at pacific which is unheard of for me... and it was over hands like that.. not becuase i had Jacks and someone flipped kings or whatever or aces. but it coming down to the 5th card and their card is one rank higher than mine.... enough to piss anyone off

anyway, i played another today.. .why i dont know but i did. and i got second.. i was still upset cuz it was down to me and someone elsea nd my stack was a few BB bigger than his and the flop was rainbow J 8 3 , he checks so i bet half the pot. (i had 86o ) he sits and thinks for a while then raises all in. i sat and thought... i caught this guy bluffing several times along the way.......he probably is now. i made a dumb call and he had J2o ... i lost. i was mad at myself for calling that.

so i won a few bucks back.. dont know. probably still cash out, ill make my decision tonight.

Elizabeth Jun 05, 2005 8:24pm

I don't know how many SNGs you've played and I'm certainly not encouraging you to do anything you're not comfortable with, since that alone will affect your game. I just haven't heard you mention anything that isn't just typical for someone who's playing a lot of poker.

Surely, you've had weeks where you've run very good. Obviously you have if your win rate is 70% for SNGs. I think you've just had a really sucky run. It's awful, but it's not worth punishing yourself by seeking out a different site for the wrong reasons.

Pacific can be a difficult site, but if you have the patience to learn how to take advantage of it, it can be very rewarding to play there.

Some of the questions you are asking yourself and "experiments" you are running are not based in fact and can be dangerous to your game. If you are normally a strong, predicatable winner, it sounds to me like you're tilting and maybe you just need a little break. Maybe playing on a more predictable site for a while would do it, just be sure you don't draw the wrong conclusions from your experience.

Notjitsu Jun 05, 2005 8:32pm

*cough bullshit cough*

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