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oojoe24oo Feb 23, 2006 3:09pm

Greatest SnG Comeback Ive ever had
So im playing a 10 dollar 9 person SnG single table on AP. About 10-15 minutes in, Im dealt QQ. I put in a decent size raise, get half the table folding, and a few callers....Flop comes 7d 10h jd.......With the queens I push a raise in, and to my suprise I get a reraise......I decide to go all in....I get one caller who shows AK. Turn comes a blank, and the River comes an ace! I was shocked and very angry as my chip stack dwindled to about 400 chips....At this point I figure Im done for....

A few hands later, Im dealt AJ and decide to go all in...I get a caller, and double up...A few hands down the line Im dealt pocket 10s and get two callers...At this point I figure with two callers Im prob done for.......the 10s hold up and I near triple up..........

I end up placing 2nd in this 9 table tourny when I was EXTREMELY short stacked only 10 minutes is crazt

Tytalus Feb 23, 2006 3:18pm

heh - I had one too just recently..

So...My pseudo Jack Strauss moment...

Jack Straus had won the title in 1982 with a comeback of gargantuan proportions...

This is probably my best comeback so far :

Played a (small) tourney the other night (10+1 buy-in, $150 guaranteed).

Only 14 players, so started off with two tables. (1500 chips each to start with.)

starting off as the dealer, I was intending playing particularly TAG (and waiting to get some reads and seeing what the raise/call ratio was like), and so after two orbits I had folded every hand pre-flop barring one BB which I folded on the flop after seeing it for free...

First hand I played was my next BB (blinds still 10/20 at this time) - happy, happy me - Big Slick suited. 6 limpers (as was becoming customary) so a raise to 150 got me a lone caller (1260 chips precall) and brought the pot to 420.

Flop landed with K J 5 rainbow. (Jack was my suit). I raised 210 (this player liked to re-raise to size of pot and had definitely pulled this out as a bluff move before, but would often not call a pot size bet from someone else).

As expected I get re-raised to 420 and push all-in. He calls and flips over J5 for two pair...

Shock, horror I don't catch my outs and get bumped down to 180 chips. ah well it happens....I only need to double through 7 times to win I suppose ;-)

half a dozen hands later my Ladies holds up against my original nemesis' snowmen to nearly triple after everyone else backed off. 15 hands later CR with pocket rockets more than doubles me up and I'm nearly back to the starting chip count.

Sat back again for a bit and then started betting out - people were respecting the raises and I got a few comments about my being "lucky" (the fact that I picked premuim hands and aggressively played them versus their limping in with almost anything not seeming to have registered...)

To cut a long story short, I made some sensible folds, went for the pot when I figured to be good, and used my image to steal a few here and there.

Into to the last 6 and I turned it up a bit more . Knocked out players 6 and 5 in the same hand when I flopped the nut flush and they got in a raising war and seemed to forget about me. Now I'm quite nicely chip lead. Knocked out player 4 who was limping often and then all-inning on the flop frequently to steal so it was easy enough to dodge him fairly cheaply until I hit my flop.

Players 3 and 2 took a bit more work, but after knocking 3 out I had a 16000 to 5000 chip lead. Took no real risks (and he let me get away fairly cheaply and build to 17000-4000 or so) and when my Jackson Five caught two pair on a cheap flop and his Big Slick he'd slowplayed hit TPTK he went all in and I took him down.

180 chips to 21000. I'm happy.

Rafvdv Feb 23, 2006 4:17pm

My best comeback ( probably best comeback ever) Regret that I didn't get the handhistory.

I was playing in a fixed limit SNG.
I got dealth AA, and raised and reraised and reraised until the end of the hand and I lost against KK with K on the board.

I was left with $50 with blinds equal to 75/150 and 6 players left.

I waited 2 hands until I got a fairly descent hand and called all-in, and won. went to $200. Got dealth AJ the next hand and went all in. 2 calls and won. Went to $675.
Continued the all or nothing play for a few more hands, and got lucky every time.
Ended up winning the tournament about 40 minutes later.
Unbelievable but true.

jimmytrick Feb 27, 2006 4:05pm

Nine player single table at stars (1500 chips start). Pushed a big pair early and lost leaving me with something like 252 and last of nine. Recovered and went HU down like 4 or 5 to 1 to the leader and won.

Pissed some folks off. But that was on sng that I think I never made a significant mistake in. The flip side is that I have played poorly and won also.

Boomer2k6 Feb 27, 2006 4:14pm

best on eso far was a couple of weeks ago on 32red. Down to 5 players. I take a beat with KK leaaving me with $450, with the blind at 160/320.

Manage to double up twice before the blind eat me and get HU equal in chips.

Unfortauntely this means we both have 5000 chips when the blinds are 640/1280....SHOVE FEST YAUS!!! My AJs lost to his QTo after 10 minutes of shoving back and forth :(

ALL50 Mar 08, 2006 10:36pm

3 left in a $50 9-man @ Pstars, short stack is all-in and we both call. Big stack hits the river, eliminates the short stack, and leaves me with $408. The problem is, I'm next to post the Big Blind; $400. Yep, $8 chips remain after posting. Doubled up a few times and won it! Should quit for life.

Ozone Mar 09, 2006 7:33am

Once, in a $2 tournament, I was down to absolutely $0 in chips. Rebought. Came back and won it! :P

SidMaynard Mar 09, 2006 12:35pm

$5 MTT at Empire.

Blinds were $75/$150. After losing two all-ins I was down to $125!

BB puts me all-in with JTo. 2 callers who then proceed to check down to the river just to try and eliminate me and I win with A high str8.

Another quick double up puts me at $750 and we are back in business. Went on to place 5th in the money.

Sometimes being shortstacked can work in your favour, as it forces you to make decisions you wouldn't normally. And it sure is exciting.

When you win of course.

jimmytrick Mar 12, 2006 7:55am

Well, I think I got a winner
Heads up in a simple $11 STT and about even I lost a hand tonight leaving me with exactly 230 chips to the other guys 13270 and then came back and beat him with an ungodly run of stuff.

He must have been so pissed off.

Maybe there is something to the riverstars theories after all.

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