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mattjgallo Mar 13, 2006 6:23pm

Possibly the funniest hand I've seen in a while!
So I get JJ in a cash game and I'm the big stack by far. I am facing a small raise, so I reraise. Some stuff goes on and basically it ends up on the river with 3 people all in and me putting half my stack in.

The hand were as follows:
77 (won nowt)
JJ (i beat the 77 to win back what i put in)

The KK was the lowest stack, then QQ then 77 then JJ. It was mental! Took the software a while to distribute all the money!

Idaelus Mar 13, 2006 6:36pm

I played a live game at our local casino with 4 hands active.

The jacks took down that pot with trips. Lots and lots of bitchen ensued.

mattjgallo Mar 13, 2006 8:56pm

Lol yeh, I didn't mind because I won back the amount I'd put in cause I took it off the guy with 77 and it was only micro limits anyway. I ended a 2.5 hour session with a proud sum of $1.09 up! Wooo! Was cause I lost heavily to a couple of suckouts and then played solid poker to rebuild my stack. Then I just had to leave cause dinner was ready lol!

mattjgallo Mar 13, 2006 11:59pm

Ah balls... I came back for another session and guess what, had my AA cracked twice by ATo and 33. I'm not in the best of moods now, but still playing some nice poker I feel. Both AA I played very well I feel. Both times I got 3 callers all-in and had river beats on both... nasty stuff eh...

Idaelus Mar 14, 2006 12:37am

Man I feel that. I have played in 34 tournaments this month (I have a lot of free time) but only cashed in 10 of them, instead of my comfortable 55-60% ITM rate. I'm down upwards of $250 in buy-in this month. In the 24 I haven't cashed in, I have had the better hand in probably 20 of them. I just keep getting my shins kicked. It hasn't been all coin-flip losses, it's mostly been domitnating hands getting kicked to the curb like last year's Christmas tree. Like AA losing to KJo(THREE FREAKING TIMES SINCE 3/1/06 :shock: ) . Or nut straights losing to 8 high flushs. I know that I'm putting the money in with the best hand, most of the time. I guess that's all I can do. If I continue to do that, I'll recapture my losses for this month, and continue with my profitable ways. But I got to tell you, I think I'm takin' some time off of my game so I don;t throw my expensive flat panel monitor through my brick wall to ease up some of the frustration I've been feeling this month. I know it'll get better for me. Same for you, man.

mattjgallo Mar 14, 2006 1:04am

Ok, I've made back my losses.

I had A4 spades with 2 spades on the flop. People let me see down to the river for very cheap and I hit the flush on the river. I checked and double checked it was the nuts and was thinking about my move, but the person to the right of me made it for me... he pushed me all in! I was jumping around my room!

Ok, so I've only been playing micro limits but I've spent 5 hours today earning $1.88.... it's a LOT less than I usually do. I average around $5 per hour on micro limits. Today was bad, and I'm gonna call it a day soon! Got too much uni work to do anyway!!!

Idaelus Mar 14, 2006 9:06pm

So I lied about taking some time of. But my hands did hold up today! Right until I busted out 3rd. Still ITM, but once again KK lost to a hand I had smoked. Q-8o. I stayed manly though, and just cursed like a sailor for a few minutes, instead of crawling under my desk and sucking my thumb for an hour or two.......

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