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gtjojo189 Mar 15, 2006 2:10pm

Worst sloppy play/beat ever
So last night i'm playing in a double shootout on poker stars. I had been knocked down to about 500 chips and manage to do a little more that triple up. The next hand i catch As10s and am in the small blind w/ the blinds being 25/50. The action comes to me and since there have been no raises i decide to just call so i don't get to aggressive from tripling up. The flop comes out 4s6s7s. I just flopped the flush and w/ 4players in the hand i'm excited. I bet a small amount and am called by everyone. On the turn 9d comes out. W/ three guys in the hand i check it and one guy bets and i go over the top of him and the other guy (originally the BB)calls and the first one folds. The river bring another 7. and w/ the pot around 1200 i raise to 400. I'm slightly scared of the full house possibility becuase i'm going to be pissed for not for not raising pre flop if the guy has 9 7. I'm reraised to double my bet so i start to go through my reads. If he had pockets 4's or 6's i'm screwed because i wouldn't have been able to get him away from the hand. I don't think he has pocket 7's or 9's because he would have raised preflop. I think maybe he hit trips but probably not the full house. I decide to call and when he flips over i realize i was right, he didn't have the full house. He had the 5s8s and flopped the straight flush. I'll never play passive again.

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