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calahan1 Mar 16, 2006 8:30am

Well.. Variance hit me finally..
Hi guys, time for my whining monologue(not too long).
I started online poker in November, FL first, after the usual suckouts hopped to NL around Christmas and did fairly well since then, more than tripling my bankroll and was starting to play 50 NL as my regular game.
Last two weeks, I dropped 10 buyins and consider strongly to move down to 25 NL again. I won´t bore anyone with the usual bad beat stories, cause yeah, most of the losses were bad beats, maybe 25-30 % of the downswing is tilt related, mostly by calling preflop raises with marginal drawing hands OOP.
Looking back at some of the hands, two remarks: after the first drops I started to play high pockets even more aggressive than usual which means reraising BIG preflop - and postflop, if checked to me, i push usually w. no overcards and obvious draws. Maybe i should be more cautious, but thats what they say, right?: put all your money in when u have the best of it..
Secondly, another thought: one thing i noticed is when u lose two or three buyins in a short period, no matter how, even Frank Fish and Carl Calling Station get the impression, one (me) might be a profitable target, in other words: my folding equity is going to hell in a handbasket.
Insta-Table change might be a good idea here, what do u think?
So far, so bad, wish me luck...

Gus Mar 16, 2006 8:56pm

If you feel you dont have any fold equity and you get called more, I think the proper strategy to adopt is pretty obvious.
Dont semibluff, get paid.

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