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MRVEGAS Apr 25, 2006 10:24pm

25K 5.50rb 4-25-06 Guarantee!
It starts in about an hour and I Guarantee and FT :shock:


Boomer2k6 Apr 25, 2006 10:26pm

Guarantee...that's some strong attitude. best of luck to you MRV, let us know how it turns out

Butcho22 Apr 25, 2006 10:30pm

Changed for you pleasure :lol:

MRVEGAS Apr 25, 2006 10:38pm

Ive played about 4% the amount of tournys you have played on stars butcho22 and have and already got you half way covered on $ according to

Now thats funny :lol: and a fact (no lie)


Butcho22 Apr 25, 2006 10:40pm

And you know how many tourney i've played in how?

My heads up challenge remains...til then STFU

p.s. I decided to edit my first post on your thread much as I dislike you, that's no reason to ruin a thread that others may post on.

Butcho22 Apr 25, 2006 10:44pm

Next time you make a post like this you might want to include the site the tourney is played on....i don't know...seems like a good idea

Not everybody is a smart as you Vegas, you must remember this.

juggalo68 Apr 25, 2006 10:48pm


2muchMONEY Apr 25, 2006 11:14pm


Originally Posted by juggalo68

MRVEGAS Apr 25, 2006 11:18pm

Thanks guys! When you stick it out there like that YOU need some luck!!!


2muchMONEY Apr 25, 2006 11:20pm


Originally Posted by MRVEGAS
Thanks guys! When you stick it out there like that YOU need some luck!!!


you ALWAYS need some luck...
anyway, take it down MRV :D

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