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AAA Sep 01, 2006 5:35pm

after really hot streak now ive hit a wall.currently went thru 10sngs without itm and went thru all kind of crazy pocket aces were cracked 4 times in 2 days.what are your "without itm" records so far?damn its so hard to deal with your winnings slowly subsiding.i keep pushing it to end this curse but nothing,all the flops just avoid me.

anyone got out of 10 out of itm-s in your sng career?look just tell me that ill win one soon lol

Got 6 Aces Sep 01, 2006 5:51pm

I'm pretty sure i've done a 10 stretch. Maybe getting on to 15?

shads Sep 01, 2006 6:47pm

A streak of 10 is pretty normal - just make sure your still playing your best and you'll win one soon. :D

AAA Sep 01, 2006 9:13pm

yes baby!!! just ended second in one

AAA Sep 01, 2006 11:07pm

and next one took home!ahhh it feels so nice arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Got 6 Aces Sep 01, 2006 11:14pm

The longest journey starts with the smallest st.....who's hidden my shoes.

Boomer2k6 Sep 02, 2006 9:14am


Originally Posted by Got 6 Aces (Post 331914)
The longest journey starts with the smallest st.....who's hidden my shoes.

Looks like it's the "hardcore" version of the longest journey for you :)

Got 6 Aces Sep 02, 2006 9:30am


Ozone Sep 02, 2006 1:42pm

Nice to see the streak of terror has come to an end. ;)

Though, realize, in the grand scheme of things, 10 SNGs is nothing. I realize it's hard to keep that perspective when you're in the moment though. I've been there....

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