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Nikitis Jan 20, 2007 7:24pm

$1900 pot
Playing the 2/4NL game on AP, $800 buy in.

I get dealt 25 in the BB. No one raises so lets see the flop. Flop A34.

I bet out $16 which was a pot bet.

Mr. 450 ($450 in play) raises me the minimum, so up to $32.
Mr. 750 ($750 in play) smooth calls that.


So I raise it up, no cheap draws and at the moment I'm ahead for sure.
$110 to go.

Mr 450 pushes, Mr 750 smooth calls again???

Strange play by him. I push all in, Mr 750 calls.

Mr 450 shows A3
Mr 750 shows 33

Turn was 9, river was J.

I pull in $1900 big ones.


Axis of Evil Jan 20, 2007 8:12pm

You flop the nuts so few times that nobody ever expects it. That's what they get for letting the BB play for free. If anyone ever has those low drawing cards it's the BB. I could have folded the two pair but I doubt I could have gotten away from the trips, especially with cards to come and a chance to fill up. Nice hand.

Xigol Jan 21, 2007 9:57am

Would of hated a boat on the river though. Nice pot, good to see you get the money in when ahead and keep it.

TJTay89 Jan 21, 2007 6:19pm

He had to have known the two pair wasn't good. That guy should have folded. The trips are a lot harder to get rid of. By the time you realize you are probably up against a better hand ( when the topic starter pushed), you are getting decent odds considering you still might have the best hand (I have seen some strange playes online). Even if you aren't leading you have just under a 20% chance of filling up.

Anyway great hand Nikitis. It is so much fun when you have the nuts and all you have to think about it how to get the others to pay you off.

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