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rcb17 Jun 07, 2007 1:05pm

"I clicked the wrong button"
The new excuse du-jour it seems, at least yesterday on the table I was at.

I was shortstacking a 50NL 9-man table on FTP, coming in at $12. First hand, in the BB, I get pocket Jacks. MP (about $60 in his stack) open raises to $1.75, button (about $28 in stack) calls. I decide to move in for the remaining $11.50. MP folds, button calls... and turns over 97o :confused:

Board gives no help, and I quickly double up plus the dead money. I type in the chat "umm, thanks?" His reply, "I clicked the wrong button". Uh, okay. Sure.

I go a full 3 orbits without playing a single hand, and get dealt pocket kings in the cutoff. The same open-raiser from the first hand pumps it up to $1.75 again. All folds to me, and this time i re-raise only to $3.75. Guy re-raises me to $8, and I shove. Guy insta-calls and turns over Q8s of clubs. Flop is club-free, he pairs his 8 on the turn but the river is a blank. Another double up for me.

In the chat, I ask "pretty gutsy play with Q8s". His reply, "I misclicked". Now I have to respond, so I say "which time, the open raise, the reraise, or calling my shove?" No reply, and he leaves.

So apparently there is an epidemic out there where people are incapable of clicking on the correct BIG button that says "FOLD", instead they click the other buttons "CALL" or "RAISE" purely by accident... Who knew. :rolleyes:

Boilermaker Jun 07, 2007 2:28pm


Originally Posted by rcb17 (Post 482806)
Now I have to respond, so I say "which time, the open raise, the reraise, or calling my shove?" No reply

Funny, but...


and he leaves.

Don't tap the glass.

SidMaynard Jun 07, 2007 2:32pm

I wish people would misclick a bit more when I have pocket Kings.

I would advise you against pointing out people's poor play to them. Shaming someone into playing better is definately -EV. All you achieved in the last hand was pushing the guy to leave the table and why would you want that?

rcb17 Jun 07, 2007 6:28pm

You're right. Had it not been the second time I had heard that inside of 30 minutes I woulda not said anything (like I didn't the first time). I have been rightly accused before of speaking before thinking.

Good news at least is before he left I got his name on my FTP player search list, so I can look him up again :)

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