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skeptix82 Oct 01, 2007 5:59am

Future staking opportunities...
Wanted to get opinions on things.

I realize I've been loser in recent staking, so I'm wanting to gauge interest. Answer the poll and provide further opinions please.

EDIT : The actual answers refer to some sort of package. I very much realize that the more tournaments in a staking deal = lower variance. Still, post any thoughts you all have. I figure some of you are fed up and others have expressed further interest, let me know where you stand on this.

KyleJRM Oct 01, 2007 6:30am

I might stake again if it seems like a fun package. I'm not too fussed that you lost about half on the last one. I'd expect that's a standard result for the most part, and that most of the long-term winnings would come from a single big score here and there.

Seb47 Oct 01, 2007 6:46am

I am willing to stake you in any decent event. However I think it would be nice if you had like 25-33% of your action like you had for the WCOOP.

If you wanna play some low buyin WSOP event I would be willing to stack you.

Just one though : You cant come to a 500$ event and not be willing to play it to the end, you absolutly have to be fully focused on the tournament (well if you want me to stake you at least, but I am pretty sure most people were quite shock to see you started a 530$ tournament and was willing to ask another player to finish it) or cancel the deal.

Grisu_1981 Oct 01, 2007 8:31am

I think I remember (read: correct me if I'm wrong there) that in your "I am a bad poker player" thread there was a little discussion of your style of tournament play fitting the shorter stack tournaments better than tournaments with a rather deep stack. Thus the WCOOP wouldn't have been your best game.

So if the above is true to some extent I would like to stake you again for packages which involve your best games stackwise :biggrin:. I couldn't vote on that because I wouldn't know which option to pick.

emang8 Oct 01, 2007 8:50am

i voted for the last one, because it's true :mad:

tigga Oct 01, 2007 9:37am

maybe, stars isn't your favourite site.

what about stacking opportunities on other sites, e.g. Bodog?

Seb47 Oct 01, 2007 10:16am

maybe you didnt read the poll and figured it would be cool to post a random comment ?

eg : answer #4 => hint : FTP = full tilt poker

Molinero Oct 01, 2007 10:25am


Originally Posted by Seb47 (Post 545330)
maybe you didnt read the poll and figured it would be cool to post a random comment ?

eg : answer #4 => hint : FTP = full tilt poker

Maybe you figured that this post would make you look cool - it's doesn't. Why be such a smug?

On the staking part:
I'll stake you for anything if I can afford a share or two - I admit that I find it fun to rail and watch you play.

Seb47 Oct 01, 2007 10:41am

Cause its fun to be a "smug", whatever that means.

Iestyn75 Oct 01, 2007 11:59am

I bought my share because a) I've seen enough of Skeptix' play to believe that he could/would cash in a few events and b) it was the only way I could afford an interest of any sort in the WCOOP. Nothing changes by his showing this year.

My only observation is that I also would have liked Skeptix to take a check on his preparedness for an event. Seems to me that playing very big deepstack MTTs day after day is bound to take its toll, and that there must be appreciation from backers that if Skeptix isn't right, he must be allowed to back out of something, with the buy-in being returned pro-rata of course.

I'd certainly be interested in a package where I bought (say) 2% of an interest in 10 weeks' worth of Sunday $200+15.

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