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Wild Cat Hendrix Jul 08, 2008 10:11am

Pokermag on Eurosport
Last Friday I saw a Pokermagazine on Eurosport. The special thing about that was there were just playing online qualificants. So it was a table filled with - let's say "not high experienced poker players" - but to be honest it was quite interesting. When do you have the chance to see for example a British Army Officier and a Danish housekeeper sitting at the same table playing some cards...

Don't misunderstand me the current trend to pack some celebs around a table to play "some cards" by throwing cards and chips around the table like they have learned poker two hours ago is not the best way to make poker more popular.

But to give some online qualificants the chance to show their skills in front of running cameras is a innovation in the right direction. Just to show that the unique place in the spotlight of Poker-TV-shows are not only reserved for Iveys and Brunsons.

I not want to get in trouble with the admins of this forum so I'll not tell the name of the cardroom - but there will be a replay of the pokermag today (08.07.2008) on Eurosport beginning 11:00pm and on the 27.07.2008.

Let me know your opinion about that,

cy at the tables,

Wild Cat Hendrix

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