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SwoopAE Jul 20, 2008 11:59am

Stakeaments: Volume 3
Stakeaments: Volume 3

The target: Victorian Poker Championships 2008.

Link to my first stake thread - Melbourne Poker Championships 2008

Cliffnotes: Shares cost $32 per 1% and paid out $120 per 1% after I chopped the Teams Event in HU and had two other minor cashes over 10 tournaments.

Stake money will be escrowed to Hustlr. His accounts are Hustlr on PokerStars and Hustlr on Full Tilt

I will write up a tournament report after each event and post the results of each tournament in this thread. My name is Oliver Gill if you would like to follow my progress at (they cover several of the events)

I will consider deals at final tables, based on edge, equity and variance. Any deals will be witnessed by Kid Hustlr or Brendo.

If I win the Main Event, an Aussie Millions seat is included. The stake will then carry over to the Aussie Millions Main Event if this is the case.

Any winnings from the stake will be paid out to the stakers's account on their choice of Full Tilt or PokerStars.If I make a net profit, funds will be paid on Stars or Tilt. If I make a net loss, after all cashes are paid, Hustlr will transfer any remaining funds to me.

Alright then. Here we go on another staking adventure.

Event Schedule

Event Structures

All Satellites and Cash Games will be played on my own money and will not be included in the stake. Sorry guys, i'm keeping the Satellite action for myself, it's far too low stake and +EV not to.

Minimum Stake is 0.5%, Maximum Stake is 13%. All shares are now sold, but if you want a 0.5-1% share, i'm sure one of the larger shareholders (maybe even me) will sell you some action, so go ahead and post in the thread.

Here is the schedule.

3 August - Event 1 - $230 NLHE
5 August - $100 PLO
5 August - Event 3 - $340 NLHE w/$100 Per Knockout (Any knockouts will be tracked and paid out to stakers, obviously)
6 August - Event 4 - $240 NLHE w/ $100 Rebuys (Budget: $640 - Instant Rebuy, 1x Double Rebuy, 1x Addon. Any further funds will come out of my own pocket if I run bad but feel I have an edge over my table, stakers will maintain their shares)
7 August - $100 Razz
7 August - Event 5 - $550 NLHE (250k Guaranteed) - Flight 1
10 August - Event 6 - $220 PokerPro NLHE Megastack
11 August - Event 7 - $1100 HORSE <--- To be played by Hed1 aka Chris Simons, HORSE specialist - he will buy a % of my shares for this event.
12 August - Event 9 - $1100 NLHE 6 Handed
13 August - Event 11 - $550 Teams Event (w/Glockers or Steve again probably if Glockers doesnt make it down (Budget: $275 for 50% of Action)
15 August - Event 13 - $2700 Main Event - Flight 1

Any money from non-used rebuys or skipped events will be refunded to the stakers upon completion of the stake.

At current values, according to

1.00 AUD


0.972292 USD

This figure will be used to calculate the exchange rates for the duration of the stake, regardless of fluctatuations (it shouldn't fluctate too much anyway)

I do not take any commission, this stake is simply to minimise variance and build a staking resume for the future incase I ever need it.

1% share = 1% of my action.

Total Buy-ins (Using New Schedule)
= $7355 AUD
= $7151.20 USD

1% share costs $71.51 USD

The cutoff date for payments will be 1 August 2008.

If you would like to change/update the amount of shares you would like to buy, please update your post in the thread and I will edit it. When payment has been made to Hustlr and confirmed by him, I will update your share status to - PAID and your shares will be confirmed.

Shares Purchased

39.5% - SwoopAE - $2824.65 - PAID (Holding My Own Funds, Obv)
13% - MalcomX - $929.63 - PAID

13% - Skeptix - $929.63 - PAID

10% - Gerrit - $715.10
7% - Glockers - $500.57 - PAID (Funds Held By SwoopAE)
3.5% - TWLLM - $250.29 - PAID
3.5% - BlackAces - $250.29 - PAID
2% - Tigga - $143.02 - PAID
2% - CMBurns - $143.02 - PAID

1.4% - HoschH - $100.11 - PAID
1% - Ssta - $71.51 - PAID

1% - HncMotU- $71.51 - PAID
1% - LimpIn - $71.51 - PAID

0.7% - 1-2-3-Man - $50.06 - PAID
0.7% - Sugleh - $50.06 - PAID
0.7% - Rhughie - $50.06 - PAID

Shares Remaining: 0%

Hopefully everyone is happy with their allocated share amount, if not, please let me know and we can reduce it or increase it if you can find someone willing to sell you some of their action. If anyone is decreasing it though, I want to buy back to 40% myself before putting anything else up for sale. If you want to buy 1% or less though, post in thread and someone with more action may sell you a share.

UPDATE: Account Info for Escrowed Stake Funds

Hustlr on Full Tilt
Hustlr on PokerStars

Funds may now be sent to confirm your shares.

Hustlr will be holding all escrowed funds for the duration of the stake, with the exception of shares held by SwoopAE and Glockers.

The schedule for this stake is now final and will not be changed.

MalcomX Jul 20, 2008 7:15pm

i take 15%.

One question:

If you win the main event (which we all hope:wink:),
you will also get a a seat to the aussie Millions (10K worth).

How will this be handled, does is count as 10K cash or
will it count as stake for the aussie Millions?

1-2-3-man Jul 20, 2008 7:47pm

I'll take 1%.

sugleh Jul 20, 2008 8:54pm

I'll take 1%

Gerrit2002 Jul 20, 2008 9:07pm

I take 10% as promised... Was good luck last time so hopefully it will help again :wink:

TWLLM Jul 20, 2008 9:14pm

Put me down for 5%. Please run hotter than the sun, knthx.


Originally Posted by MalcolmX
does is count as 10K cash or
will it count as stake for the aussie Millions?

He has to play the seat, so it's unfair to ask him to give cash out of his pocket, meaning it should count as a carry-over stake to the aussie millions.

blackaces Jul 20, 2008 9:16pm

I'll take 4%.

gl! i hope u run g00t!:smile:

HoschH Jul 20, 2008 9:20pm

I'll take 2%.

SwoopAE Jul 20, 2008 11:37pm

Thanks for the support, guys, especially those of you buying large shares. Hopefully, I run good and win us all some money again.

If I win the Vic Champs ME, the stake will carry over to the Aussie Millions Main Event, as playing the seat is compulsary. If I win that too... well... I guess i'll be the one starting a staking empire for all of you.

Also, if anyone wants to volunteer to hold the stake money, please apply in thread.

Updating the original thread with stake pledges as they are made. Remember, after I have sold 60% of my action, the stake will be closed, as I have reserved a minimum of 40% of my action for myself. If you're not sure if you want a piece of action yet, make the pledge with the disclaimer to reserve it and i'll take the action myself if you choose to back out at a later date.

SwoopAE Jul 21, 2008 2:46am

BTW - Reserving 10% for glockers since he told me that was about what he wanted (let me know if you want more or less soon please obviously glockers so I can update the original post)

I'm also amazed how fast these shares sold. People must think I run hotter than the sun or something...

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