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Ozone Dec 20, 2008 11:05pm

New Year's Resolutions
It's about that time of the year again. Here's the thread where we all made our resolutions for 2008. Copy-paste yours and let us know how you did.

And add your resolutions for 2009! :smile:

Ozone Dec 20, 2008 11:09pm

I guess I'll go first. :P


1. Play 250,000 cash game hands online.
2. Play the WSOP Main Event and at least make it past day one
3. Have at least four $10k+ scores in online tournaments
1. Lol... so cute that I thought I would actually do this.
2. Far exceeded that meager live tournament-related goal! I'll have to aim a little higher next time.
3. Had two I can think of for sure, one of which was for $75k, and a third for like $9k. I'm calling "good enoughsies" on this one. :wink:


Regarding 2009... I'll think about it and get back to you. Want to see some others' resolutions first.

SwoopAE Dec 20, 2008 11:32pm

Cash in a 5k or 10k Buy-in Event

Only played one. I bubbled Aussie Millions, does that count? Um, no. Made a few deep runs in 1-2k buy-in tournaments but didn't cash in anything with a higher buy-in than $550.

Biggest cash of the year was $12,500 for fifth in the Series 8 $200+16 FTOPS HA Event

Win a bracelet

Okay, aiming a little high there. Give me a few more years. There's a decent chance I go to Vegas this year and if I do, i'll play at least one or two events.

Make 50k Profit Online

I think I made about 30k profit online and something like 8-10k live this year if you don't count Aussie Millions (since I had satellited in online last year).
Move up to $50 SnGs, $109+ MTTs, Become a solid steady winning 1-2NL player online.

I don't play SnGs anymore since they're garbage but I would imagine i'm a break even player at $50 SnGs. Not that I would ever grind SnGs. Filthy nits.

My average MTT buy-in is up to about $40 this year but I haven't played higher than $75 freezeout/20rebuy MTTs on a regular basis. I'm playing higher than I was a year ago though, my ABI would have been about $15-20 then.

I'm still a breakeven player in cash games higher than 50NL, although I haven't put in the hands to test how high I can go because I lose interest too quickly.
Avoid downswings, run good, ideally run like Jerry Yang...

I ran above average all year until around September, especially in July/August, had a downswing and ran bad until late November, running average since then. Haven't put in many hands since October.

Play Aussie Millions, Aruba and one other major WPT WSOP APPT or EPT buy-in this year

I played Aussie Millions and finished 93rd with 80 paying, running an overpair into a set with ~40BB on the last hand of Day 2 with about 100 players left and then shoving my last 7BB with AQ and getting called by 66 and losing a race to bubble.

I didn't attempt to satellite into Aruba this year since I don't play on UB anymore after the scandal.

I put minimal effort into WPT/EPT/APPT/WSOP satellites this year for some reason.

I did however play several live events including the Main Events at the Melbourne Poker Championships, Victorian Poker Championships and PokerNews Cup for a total of 2 final tables and 5 cashes out of about 20 events played including chopping the Teams Event heads-up at the Melbourne Poker Championships for 14.6k (~11k of which was mine, about 8k if you include action I sold here at PTips).

I also busted Joe Hachem twice in Omaha Hi-Lo events. He tilts hard IRL.

SwoopAE Dec 20, 2008 11:44pm

Okay, here are my resolutions

1) Win a live tournament outright for five figures or more.

2) Make 50k or close to it playing online

3) Swallow my pride, reinstall PokerStars and continue to work on my 8-game and HORSE skills.

4) Either go to Vegas for the WSOP or play all of the major Australian series (Aussie Millions, Hachem Deepstack, Melb Poker Champs, Vic Poker Champs, PokerNews Cup).

5) Put in more hands than I did in 2008.

6) Continue good bankroll management and not go broke at any point in 2009.

7) Win every prop bet I make this year.... AGAIN!

8 ) Run deep in a Sunday Major or FTOPS/WCOOP event at least once

2muchMONEY Dec 21, 2008 12:35am


Originally Posted by skeptix82 (Post 588896)
1. Slap Dario Minieri.
2. Rub TWLLM's belly for Buddha-esque anti-bad luck.
3. Bring the mother-fucking heat imo.
4. Slap Dario Minieri again.

any news on skep slapping dario minieri (twice)?

cobalt Dec 21, 2008 1:27am

Looked through the thread, relieved to see that I hadn't posted anything, as I would no doubt have failed on an epic scale.

Still, I'll probably set myself up to not be quite so relieved next year in a bit, after I give it some thought.

skeptix82 Dec 21, 2008 4:33am


1. Slap Dario Minieri.
2. Rub TWLLM's belly for Buddha-esque anti-bad luck.
3. Bring the mother-fucking heat imo.
4. Slap Dario Minieri again.
I have failed in three of my tasks. I have, however, been successful in bringing the mother-fucking heat (imo).

Mbradycf Dec 21, 2008 5:22am

wasn't here last year, but I'll throw out my resolutions for 09

1) Move up and win at 100NL

2) Make top 3 in an online tournament

3) Become a winning 50NL HU player

4) Win a 180 man SNG

5) Move up and win at $2/$4 HORSE

Red4Eva Dec 21, 2008 5:28am

Don't know why I didn't make one last year so i will this year.

-Be crushing 200NL and taking shots at 400NL.
edit: change that to a 10k+ month cause i think 5k is too near.

Iestyn75 Dec 21, 2008 6:12am

Here's what I wrote


1. Don't play 30 hands of micro limit just to kill time. Do the ironing instead. Better still, finish the best selling novel which has thus far taken 5 years to write and would have been finished by now had I not discovered poker.

2. Don't ever start an sng until children are in bed and asleep.

3. Agree with wife which MTTs I'm going to play during the week so that I can concentrate on the game without domestic distraction or comments like 'can you get off the computer so I can order the groceries?'

4. Learn to play with more freedom and more aggression. Apply for Danish nationality if necessary.

5. Visit the Grosvenor Casino in Cardiff at least once for some live action.
1. Not achieved. Novel not yet finished, ironing not done. But I don't often play just 30 hands....60-100 in hour sessions perhaps.
2. Yep, managed this one, though 7-year old daughter continually prevents me playing the $5 turbo MTT on Stars at 8pm GMT.
3.Achieved, though played many fewere MTTs as a consequence, and hardly any of the pokertips tournys.
4. Not really done this, still too nitty by and large.
5. Didn't get to the Grosvenor in Cardiff but did have a 2-day conference in Leeds and played a 15 tourny there where I finished 6/42 - of course 5 got paid.

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