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joeyjoejoejr Dec 01, 2009 1:43am

The Well: joeyjoejr
Well, now is as good a time as any do a Well ... since I have some free time

My Poker History:

I started playing online in 2005. To start with I deposited $50 on tiger gaming. For about a year I played nothing but small stake sit goes on a very casual basis (2-3 tournies a week). I won a little bit but didnt take to seriously.

I started playing on poker stars in mid 2006. I pretty much played nothing but sit in goes for a while. I one point I decided I would try to learn the game. I found poker tips read twoguns strategy articles and started grinding low stake limit poker. I started winning more and moved up from 1/2 to 5/10 by the end of the year (I was playing with 200BB and took shots with less than that). I made my first withdrawals that year and was stoked with the money.

This thread by madscout had a great influence on me
I took his advice to heart and was taking shots at midstakes limit by the end of year. Also that year I finished university fall 2006 and started working as an engineer so this allowed me to move up without to much concern for the money. Late 2006 I was also playing live limit holdem often and quickly took shots at 20/40 and 30/60 games (underolled). This seemed like a lot of money I was winning now. I still remember walking out of the casino after big 30/60 night thinking how amazing it was. I also remember being so nervous in the big pots my hands would shake like crazy.

In early 2007 my brother was playing on skin of tiger gaming called boomerang poker. It offered 40% rakeback and 50% to the top 5 rakers that month. I made account and started grinding. I switched to NL since FL didnt run much on this site and quickly started to win. In a month I won $10000! Wow this was much more than I was making at work. This was a small site and I was playing the Biggest Limits on it (2/4NL :)) and crushing. I made a withdrawal and was able to buy a new car! Poker is awesome.

Then in mid 2007 I recieved an email from support saying I was multiaccounting and they closed the account and confiscated the money in it. I tried to argue but it didnt to much good and I gave up fairly easily. I have since learned it was basically a scam on tiger gamings part to get rid of the popular skin giving rakeback and should have took further action but it is too late now. Tiger gaming is pretty dead now so jokes on them I suppose.

This hurt alot since this was pretty much my entire online role at the time and had no real way to make significant deposit on other sites. For a few months I gave up on online poker mostly and played even more live. I got used to playing 20/40-30/60 and the pots didnt scare me anymore. I kept winning and in the summer I decided to grind up a role on pokerstars. I grinded up a small role suitable for 1/2 but stalled there. I made a cardrunners account watched some videos and started winning. I switched to omaha primarily and occansionly played NL and FL holdem and did fairly well. I took some shots at 50/100 FL both live and online and succeded.

2008- Omaha and HU NL became my to primary games for the first half of the year. I was crushing. Printing money and withdrawing a lot. I didnt try to move much though which was probably a mistake. I was happy beating 2/4. I was playing a basic taylor caby HU style and winning a lot. I bought a house. Poker is awesome. One night I got drunk and played 200/400 FL online. Smart. I lost a lot, still my biggest single loss in one day. Playing stickman HU smashed is not a good idea apparently. My online role was hurt. I moved down and grinded HU and omaha for a bit and did okay for a few weeks. Eventually I drunkly donked off a bunch again playing 10/20NL and 25/50NL. Again smart. I withdrew my entire role and took a break. I made a two or three $600 deposits (the max for one day by CC) and busted the role each time.

Fall of 2008 I made a $500 deposit on cake poker since I was tired of stars. I went on a sick heater. The night I won a few thousand. I was mostly playing HU limit. I had my entire cake roll on the table most of that night. In a week I had a few more thousand and sat with a fish at 30/60 limit. I won about $7000 off him. I was set and had a real online role again.

I kept crushing in october and jumped right into 5/10 NL games despite not having played NL in a few months. I crushed. My cake account was up to $70000. I was playing 2 or 3 tables max mostly bumhunting the same 3 guys. My friend from the 30/60 FL was still giving me action as well and I probably ended up 30K up on him alone. I still was drinking to much though but I running like god and these three were awful. I even played the fish one night at 25/50 NL and beat up on him. I had more 100K in my account. WOW 100K!. In november I followed my friend to a 6max 100/200 FL game. I got destroyed. My friend left but I kept playing the sharks. I was three tabling HU 1/2 against a shark that night. I lost a lot. Again I became my own worse enemy. I was sick and withdrew almost my entire role for cake at the end of night since I didnt want to bust it again. I took another break.

2009- I decided to play online again. I no money on stars but on decent amount of FPPs. I ran up the FPPs playing sit-goes to a about thousand then rake back proed grinded mass tabling .5/1 FL games (fun). I switched to NL starting with .5/1 in mid January and mass tabled deciding SNE is a good idea (its not). I used a 50BB stragedy at first and did well. Depsite a few drunken spews. I used the new pokerstars responsible gaming feature (banning play above 2/4) this helped a lot. I moved it up a few times to 50/1 because I wanted to play occansionly in bigger soft FL games. This was a bad idea I drunk spewed far to often and put the feature back on. I would be okay for weeks at a time and decide I was okay enough to take it off and play higher again. Eventually I always did something stupid. The final straw is documented in the other thread....

Now does anyone have questions?

Lets try to leave out drinking discussion....

ggnh Dec 01, 2009 2:53am

Exactly how much did the cardrunner factor into your rise? What else other than videos contributed to your growth?

joeyjoejoejr Dec 01, 2009 3:57am

Two-guns strategy articles gave me enough to beat FL games at the time. I then read Holdem Poker for Advanced players and later stoxtraders book. These two gave me enough to beat FL games for a decent clip. This was back when you beat these games with decent Preflop Play alone though. (Still true in most live FL games 20/40 and under).

Cardrunner videos got me out of a rut at the time and help to progress my play. The games were tougher on stars then what I had been playing on tiger gaming and I got quite a bit out of the vidoes intially. I still am a member and have pretty much watched every friday video but I dont get much out them these days.

The advice madscout gave me in that thread really helped. Game selection is the easiest way to make money at poker period.

However when I was grinding HU I played against anyone. Playing a lot HU against decent players and making your own adjustments to beat them is the best way to progress your game. And what you learn playing HU is transferable to 6max and FR (you just have to generally play more straightfoward against the tighter ranges and have the tricks you learn from playing HU in your sleeve).

Red4Eva Dec 01, 2009 6:33am

What's your current job situation now that you've stopped playing? And do you even consider the thought of playing again in the future?

SwoopAE Dec 01, 2009 7:04am

In two years I want a six figure roll or i'm done with poker. My roll has been between 10k and 30k for over a year, whenever I get to the upper end of that I take shots (mostly live, some online) in search of that six figure score. My roll would probably be ~40k at the moment if I didn't take shots, but i've been one or two flips away from the six figure score on three occasions that I can think of off the top of my head.

Would you recommend that I take keep taking shots within reason or grind it out slowly? I have fallback qualifications (uni + my writing) and I honestly think I don't have enough gambool to reach the top in poker, but at the same time, my risk of ruin is lower than most pros with ten times my bankroll. If i'm going to keep playing professionally though I don't want to still be making 40-50k/yr in ten years time.

Would you have played the Main Event this year if you were in Vegas (I was) and had won a seat but playing means putting up close to a third of your roll (assuming you're me/a MTT pro)? Stuff like that.

Mostly I just think guys like you and Seb and Ozone have more gambool than me and it makes you more likely to eventually hit that big score or reach the highest stakes playing cash.

Do you think you'll ever play poker professionally again?

What type of an edge do you think you would have on the HSP table? Assuming the money on the table was a third of your roll, would you sit if the lineup was soft and the stacks deep?

Maddox_23 Dec 01, 2009 9:18am

hey joey, i really like your's cool to get insides on how the best players on this forums got where they are now...

seems like this thred is kinda "questions to santa clause" :tongue: so here is mine:

one of my biggest problems in poker is that over all the years i've played, i just can't decide whether to stick to NL or FL games...i did post questions about this countless times, so shame on me :frown:, but im still looking for my main hourly rate is about the same playing NL50-NL100 and
2/4 - 5/10 FL...( i was playing higher limits as well, but those limits are those with the biggest samplesize) a winning player in both games, but im never gonna reach higher levels if i keep switching games..that way im never gonna improve my game the way i wish...

you played both games with succsess...what made you change to beeing a NL player? had you ever been unsure wich games to play? or did you just jump into the games that where most profitable at the moment? i don't know, maybe it's just that everywhere you find these amazing results of good players, and they are always no limit players..maybe that affects me...dunno... seems like mike schneider is the only inspiration for a fixed limit wannabe..

don't know if you get what i mean...but if you have any advice on aproaching this problem, i'd really appreciate that..thx

P.S. do you have a lifetime graph?

shabak Dec 01, 2009 10:41am

You played almost a year on Stars FRMSNL and you did very well.
What is your impression of those games (400-1000NL)?
Who were the thoughest opponents?
Were you bumhunting/tableselcting there or were you playing everyone as tables at those limits are limited?
Do you think this game will be around in a year or 2, or is this game drying up and people are switching to PLO, especially with the new vpp system?
You listen to music/watch tv while grind? If you do top 5 favourite bands/tv shows to grind to?
In a movie about your life who will play you?

Thats a lot of questions...

balthazarr Dec 01, 2009 10:44am

Quit drinking, ditch job, rape online poker for 5 years, be rich, do woteva u please? What am I missing? Are you married?

joeyjoejoejr Dec 01, 2009 3:57pm


Originally Posted by Red4Eva (Post 840557)
What's your current job situation now that you've stopped playing? And do you even consider the thought of playing again in the future?

I have job as an engineer at a nuclear plant. Its very secure, pays well, and comes with benifits, and a great guaranteed pension plan. And since I started right after school I can retire at 52.

I'm considering leaving engineering and moving to an control room job as a shift supervisor. That job is very demanding though, and requires several years of training including demanding tests by the regulator. But shift supervisors currently make about 250K minimum. This would be 10 years down the road.

Ill probably play live occansionly. If I play online again it wont be grinding 100k hands a month but bumhunting once a while.

DoubleU Dec 01, 2009 4:03pm

zomg, not only do you have a Homer Simpson avatar on Stars, you actually have his job in real life, too? That's awesome.

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