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SwoopAE Mar 15, 2010 7:58pm

'Live From The WSOP' Starts Early This Year
Live from the WSOP is getting started early this year.

Incoming daily blog updates as I head to Perth, Melbourne, Thailand and then Vegas over the next four months to take my annual shot at the live poker world.

Interesting content starts tomorrow (I hope) as i'm off to ANZPT Perth for the $2700 Main Event.

Ozone - Feel free to crosspost anything interesting to the PTips blog, i'll be updating my Live from the WSOP blog with daily updates from now until the end of the WSOP

darryl Mar 16, 2010 6:35pm

Looking forward to the updates. Don't forget jimmy hats in Thailand. Don't forget to mention Ptips after winning a bracelet. Oh and make sure someone feeds your goldfish while you are gone.


kid hustlr Mar 16, 2010 8:22pm

u blatantly stole the title from bond

glockers Mar 17, 2010 12:51am

Swoop hero worships Bond. He pretty much creamed his pants when we drew Bond and Bondgirl on our table at the Vic Champs teams event one year.

Swoop basically sits down and gawks and Bond every turn. I come in and get to enjoy Bondgirl's company.

SwoopAE Mar 17, 2010 2:08am

First actual content updates after today. Day 1a of ANZPT Perth is starting in 2 hrs.

They have 135 registered so far I think across both days and are expecting just over 200 with Day 1b slightly bigger than 1a.

Live coverage from not sure if pokernews is doing anything as well

Please no set over set hands today. That's all I ask.

SwoopAE Mar 17, 2010 1:57pm

Well today went badly. Will update blog in the morning but the short version is I flopped a set, I lost and i'm out

SwoopAE Mar 18, 2010 5:55pm

Will post updates soon maybe tomorrow haven't had a chance to write.

PocketJokers Mar 18, 2010 7:54pm

excited to read your blog swoop, but you still owe us a picture of a hooker, just a reminder. :wink:

SwoopAE Mar 19, 2010 8:25am

Day 2 is up

bluesjack9 Mar 19, 2010 4:58pm

Good Luck Swoop...looking forward to the blogs...don;t forget to update the off the felt activities too

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