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JoshuaSit Sep 21, 2010 12:36pm

Congrats Swoop~~~

great job yesterday swoop!!!!

Must have felt good to hit that #1

CMBurns Sep 21, 2010 12:36pm


cetacean Sep 21, 2010 1:25pm

From the Challenge Thread:


Originally Posted by SwoopAE (Post 923236)
Brag: declined chop; shipped tournament for 5.5k

Biggest score in two months or so, can't complain, I definitely feltit coming soon :)

Full Tilt Poker Game #24058323030: $19,000 Rush Guar (Rebuy) (185868135), Table 135 - 50K/100K Ante 10000 - No Limit Hold'em - 13:20:33 ET - 2010/09/20
Seat 3: BERBAH (651,698)
Seat 9: SwoopAE (2,911,302)
BERBAH antes 10,000
SwoopAE antes 10,000
SwoopAE posts the small blind of 50,000
BERBAH posts the big blind of 100,000
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to SwoopAE [Ac 9h]
SwoopAE raises to 2,901,302, and is all in
BERBAH calls 541,698, and is all in
SwoopAE shows [Ac 9h]
BERBAH shows [Qd 7d]
Uncalled bet of 2,259,604 returned to SwoopAE
*** FLOP *** [4h 5c Jh]
WPfktard (Observer): qqq
WPfktard (Observer): qq
*** TURN *** [4h 5c Jh] [5h]
WPfktard (Observer): 777
*** RIVER *** [4h 5c Jh 5h] [2s]
SwoopAE shows a pair of Fives
BERBAH shows a pair of Fives
SwoopAE wins the pot (1,303,396) with a pair of Fives
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 1,303,396 | Rake 0
Board: [4h 5c Jh 5h 2s]
Seat 3: BERBAH (big blind) showed [Qd 7d] and lost with a pair of Fives
Seat 9: SwoopAE (small blind) showed [Ac 9h] and won (1,303,396) with a pair of Fives

Nice takedown Swoop. :)

Ozone Sep 21, 2010 2:42pm

September 21st: Swoop Appreciation Day

Go flirt with a stripper, rob people on political bets, and ship a tournament on FTP for four-figures.

juicetoocool Sep 22, 2010 12:43am

Grats again!

SwoopAE Sep 22, 2010 1:01am

At first I was wondering what this thread was about when I saw the title

Thanks guys, it's not quite a Skeptix or Kid Hustlr 50k score but i'm working on it :)

bluesjack9 Sep 28, 2010 4:44am

congrats swoop

SwoopAE Sep 28, 2010 8:25am


Originally Posted by Ozone (Post 923569)
rob people on political bets

On this one i'm only expecting to break even at the moment from bets. TG is actually +EV aginst me right now in the bets we have but im +EV on you

Will make new bets closer to the election though to ensure I make profit regardless

Snaggle Sep 28, 2010 12:06pm

SwoopAE well done! I wish you many more.

Stop taking Ozone's money-he's such a degenerate politics gambler.

SwoopAE Sep 28, 2010 3:11pm

We all have a gambling addiction; it's only a problem if you suck at it :)

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