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darryl Dec 22, 2010 7:17pm

reduce variance or go balls out
It's been quiet here.
I did fairly well the other day live 1-2 PLO. I was playing tight against a bunch of spewtards using position, etc. That and I've only played live PLO one other time. The game rarely gets going unfortunately.

This hand came up and was wondering what's standard. It's from memory, so I could have it wrong to some extent.

I'm sitting on roughly $300 along with the two villains. I'm in early position, I have 78KK rainbow and raise it up to $8, first villain makes it $20, second one calls, I call for $58 in the pot ($5 rake, plus $3 blinds)

Flop comes 456 two clubs one heart. I lead out for $50, first villain calls, second calls. So $208 in the pot, we all have about $230 behind.

Turn is either a two or three of hearts making two flush draws. Both villains still in the hand actually seemed pretty compentant. Both are fairly loose preflop, but TAG post. The first didn't seem to bluff and doesn't seem to float. The second is capable of a nutblocker bluff. I'm pretty confidant for at least the first villain, I'm against at least two pair and some draws and possibly getting freerolled. Second villain isn't going to stick around without some sort of draw.

What do I bet on the turn? I'm thinking I may be behind both of them combined, but individually I'm probably a slight favorite. They have seen me play really tight for the past hour or two, so me just betting out the $50, they are both probably putting me on at the very least trips, espically OOP and more likely some kind of straight.

I ended up betting $100. The first villain tanked for about 2 minutes or so and eventually called, the other villain folded. So based on that, He's probably got a flush draw and probably not the nut flush, either that or top set and possibly a draw to a better straight or something along those lines. Is my thinking right here? Am I being too nitty, should I have just potted it?

Anyway, I can post the results after some responses. It may not be until Tuesday depending on my innerwebs while out of town.


killcrazy Dec 22, 2010 7:37pm


Originally Posted by darryl (Post 940268)
I'm thinking I may be behind both of them combined, but individually I'm probably a slight favorite.

you may be behind them both combined, except they'd be laying you 2:1 odds on your bet.


SwoopAE Dec 23, 2010 3:35am

You're only 150bb deep that isnt deep enough to worry about being freerolled. Pot the turn. Especially live, where someone can have worse straights and stack off to you.

TWLLM Dec 25, 2010 2:41am

If you play anything like me, you get it in on the turn, get called by 65 and the river is a 5. :P

Seriously though, you are very rarely being freerolled here (probably never in a live game). You have to ship turn.

Also, in a 'spewtard' game, don't pot 78kk rainbow preflop in early position.

darryl Dec 30, 2010 5:57pm

Well, I'm back in town. Thanks for the advice. I guess my problem is I play scared in big pots, especially if a scared card hits.
Anyway, river was a brick, I bet, he folded. Had the river hit something, I probably would have check called.


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