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IronLen1972 Jan 30, 2012 7:02pm

At the risk of sounding like an arse kisser or 888 fanboy , their site is well worth a deposit.

I dunno - it just feels like they are trying a bit harder to get my business, and I have been pleased with the service and some of the innovative new bits like the poker cam genie (I got to see her, wow hot) the LG freerolls and the variants of cash game you cant find anywhere else.

Only 2 negatives so far is small but annoying. In rebuy tourneys I have to wait until the first hand is done to double buy in, and rebuying sometimes (often) will sit you out a hand. Small pet peeve. Other is the prevalence of the casino - I am not a fan of sites that put the casino front and center. Other opinions differ but I like to have my poker site a poker site.

killcrazy Jan 30, 2012 9:10pm

i don't care for their software.


SwoopAE Jan 31, 2012 7:54am

FWIW 888 has my seal of approval too, they're doing everything right, tourneys are soft, cash is soft, you can get rb, software's only major flaw is timebank is too small, better software than ipoker/ongame, although worse than stars obviously. You can find pictures of me with a 888 patch on my forehead (and patches all over my shirt) during the Aussie Millions main event with enough google searching

Red4Eva Feb 01, 2012 4:27am

bluejays Feb 02, 2012 5:19pm

I have to admit that I rather like the most recent update to the 888 software and continue to enjoy playing at that site. I agree with SwoopAE that the software is not as good as stars but it is a whole lot better that it was.

SwoopAE Feb 04, 2012 2:36am


Originally Posted by Red4Eva (Post 992731)

Good news, I like the way 888 is run, it has potential to become the #2 room after stars (and if stars is permabanned from US market, it has unlimited potential, although zynga is favourite to become the #1 site upon legalisation id imagine)

howardmaria87 Mar 17, 2012 2:35am

this software is good, i see no problem at all but sometimes im dc

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