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SwoopAE Aug 11, 2012 2:02pm

Selling action APPT-Melbourne @ 1.2
So there have been no new threads for a while so i'll make a new one, and hopefully we all make some money in the process.

The event is APPT Melbourne,

Shares are $60 AUD per 1% @ 1.2

If you'd like to take a few percent i'm also willing to offer shares in five prelim events totalling 2k, a 550 NLHE, 550 PLO, 350 8game, 350 nlhe mixmax and 200 nlhe, although i'm selling less in those so only offering action for the prelims to anyone taking over 5% of the main. Including the 5 prelim events, the shares will be $84 at 1.2 over 7k worth of buyins total.

The main will have a soft field full of live satellite qualifiers, should be a 200-400 field, with low-mid six figures up top. Winnings will be paid on your choice of stars, moneybookers and paypal (or bankwire if I cash for a large amount), although any currency exchange fees will come out of your end if applicable.

Resume: Live: 3 Aussie Millions final tables, assorted cashes/wins in smaller live events. Search 'swoopae stakeaments' on the forums for references, Ozone, Killcrazy, Seb and other posters here have invested before with no problems.

Online: 200k+ profit between Stars (Talerric, +70k or so), Tilt (SwoopAE, +130k or so) and assorted minor sites (+~30k combined). ABI of $100 over past year with positive ROI. In the past year, I won the Sunday 50r on stars for ~24k, came 3rd and 5th in the Second Chance for 22 and 18k or so, have several top 100 runs in the Sunday Million, among other scores.

I realise the forum is semi dead, but I sold 32% of the 70% i'm selling to friends in the first day, so I figured i'd give my fellow PTippers a chance at some action before I throw it up on 2+2. Remaining action will be held by me. 38% or so remaining at this stage.

Only accepting reserves for now until I sell out and confirm i'm playing the event (i'm over 90% sure i'll sell the action with no problems)

killcrazy Aug 11, 2012 3:31pm

i'll take 5% of the whole thing for 420 australian, which tells me is 444.129 USD, assuming american money is kosher.

i'll even round up that extra tenth of a penny on condition that you sing the entirety of pokazhi mne lyubov while standing on the table if you win the main event.


glockers Aug 12, 2012 6:01am

interested, not sure how much I will purchase hey.

SwoopAE Aug 12, 2012 6:08am


Originally Posted by glockers (Post 1004796)
interested, not sure how much I will purchase hey.

@KC - 5% of the lot reserved; i'll lock in the exchange rate when i've confirmed i'm playing and let you know but it should be within a couple dollars of that in either direction. USD is fine, does Stars work for you? Don't send yet; i'll comfirm in thread or message you when i've confirmed i'm definitely playing the package.

Also idk about singing but will announcing 'I AM CAPITAO AND I WILL DESTROY YOU' every time I open a pot at the final table be sufficient?

@Glockers 1% of everything reserved, let me know if you want more. Bank xfer fine for your share whatever % you want to take? If you don't want the 1% or only want main make sure you msg me and let me know at some stage over next wk or so

Going to give it another day or so then open it up to 2+2, 38% sold atm I think need to double check

GoldfishUltraDeluxe Aug 17, 2012 2:27pm

0.5% for a little fish? :)

glockers Aug 18, 2012 1:43am

2% of the main only

SwoopAE Aug 18, 2012 4:45am

Cool, both reserves noted, not sure whether i'm moving ahead with the package yet as I need to sell another 20% or so but reserves have been noted - if not i'll probably end up just playing prelims on my own dollar, should know within a couple days.

SwoopAE Aug 18, 2012 6:53am

Will need to sell another 9.5% of the main to play it, and up to a max of 19.5%, getting close though so should prob be moving ahead with the package. If anyone wants Main Only action i'll reduce the markup to 1.15, with the full package being at 1.2 still.

Also @goldfish is your 0.5% main only or main+prelims? let me know please.

SwoopAE Aug 18, 2012 8:52am

Sold enough that I can confirm i'll be playing. Still selling a few more % if anyone wants a piece.

Will be receiving xfers from the 20th when I lock in the exchange rate to Talerric (Stars) to confirm your shares, or if you need to use another payment method let me know

@Glockers bank wire is preferable since you're in aus and it saves on currency exchange fees, you have my bank details don't you? PM me on facebook to sort it out anyway.

SwoopAE Aug 19, 2012 7:36am

PMs sent to anyone who purchased shares. Confirming i'm going ahead with the package and you can ship at your convenience to lock in your shares.

My Pokerstars account is Talerric (Australia)

According to, the exchange rate is as follows and is now locked in

1.00 AUD = 1.04230 USD

Which makes 1% at 84 AUD = 87.55 USD

If you would like to pay via any other method please PM me and we can sort it out. Your shares will be considered booked as soon as payment has been received.

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