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NapaWino Jul 04, 2013 1:03am

Nit or nuts...?
New to the forum and really hoping to fill some gaps in my game...thanks in advance for the help.

Quick review of setting/situation...

NL live ($20 bounty) tourney, $140 entry w/ re-entry thru 4 levels, 20 min. blinds. 70-100 players. $6k starting chips. Nothing going thru first couple of levels, fairly active/aggressive table, I've got a fairly tight image, as usual...missed early on a few pots.

At 2nd level - Blinds at $50/$100.

The hand:

Me - $4600 chips, mid pos - :9c :9h

one limp directly to my right by a newbie to the tourney group, first time seen 'em.

I raise to $350.

A call directly to my left from $4k stack (a guy I was heads up with in the past week at final table), SB (~ $6k) & BB (~$4k) both call $350. Limper pushes all-in for $2800.

With three behind me I know I have two options...push to iso or fold.

This early, what to do...?

killcrazy Jul 04, 2013 4:16pm

pretty straightforward fold.

if he's good enough to make this move light, he's very unlikely to openlimp. you're running into a big pocket pair most of the time. occasonally AK if he thinks AK = AA, which some people do.


NapaWino Jul 05, 2013 6:44pm

I know this is totally results oriented but here's how it went down...

First caller pushes and BB pushes too. Initial limp push guy turns over :qh :8d and the other two show :Kx :Qx and BB has :As :Ks

Of course my 9's were good and would have held up for a huge pot. I guess just wondering given a push would have iso'd and/or been up against these hand AND it was a re entry tourney should I have taken that chance with an aggressive and amateur group...?

I don't seem to be able to capitalize on these types of chances with my style.

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