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feudallord May 02, 2015 6:06am

88 vs AA vs 67ss
Earlier tonight I bought in for 80, and built it to $300 even, with the following summarized hands.

Rivered a boat against a flopped straight (TT vs Q9),
Board : T J K 9 J

and rivered a King with KQ against a flopped Ten AT, heads up with position on the opponent.

Board : 8 T 3 J K

Flopped broadway with AJ against a hyper agressive opponent. This is when I was moved to the main table.

I have 88 UTG+1. I raise to $17.

Call in MP(AA, $150), call in Hijack ($750, 67ss).

Flop : 8c 7s 5c.

I check.

MP bets $50. Hijack calls. I call

Turn : 4d

I check, MP checks, Hijack moves all in.

I fold, MP folds.

How could I have played this hand differently to have won? I should have cashed out when moved, but I never know when to quit. I ran AA later on and called called by KK and got rivered, and lost my mind after that, as well as my entire stack. I want to learn to be better. Clearly I must be doing something different if this is the second weekend in a row where ive ran 80 up to 300.

I appreciate any word, and will gladly give reasoning for my actions on every street.

What are the odds of turning/rivering a boat with a flopped set?

I should have moved all in on the flop, first to act, for $240 dollars. That was the correct play. I checked because I was afraid of the board making a flush or a straight. I played based on emotion again. The correct decision in that situation was to move all in there, giving impossible pot odds for the pair and up and down straight draw to continue. I haven't been able to do anything or leave my house because that hand has been plastered in my mind. Because I checked and then called the 50 dollar bet allowing the turn to come out, I'd lost 100 dollars in the hand already when the straight moved all in for everything i had. I'd been thinking of all the cool stuff I was going to do with my $220, but it was ruined after that one instance and I started playing badly, the way I have been playing.

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