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Default Anyway...

To clarify a bit. I never raised my voice at the dealer. I did raise my voice at the other player when he tried to resume play as if nothing had happened.

I didn't hide my cards, the chips from my call were very clearly across the betting line, and the dealer saw it and began dealing the turn.

The player who mucked did not look at the turn being dealt, he mucked, then noticed he had a caller.

When I lost the ruling, and went to discuss things with the floor boss, I was animated but not yelling. I was upset about the ruling though. The floor boss explained they're trying not to chase away new players who make mistakes.
I left because I made the point to him that unless they fairly enforce the posted rules, they'll lose other players as a result.
(Although I doubt they will, they have a state-run monopoly on all casinos in Finland)
Point is, I wanted to make a point that they were losing my business that day by not enforcing their own rules.

Anyway, I tip dealers. Once at a cardroom in southern cali, I jokingly told the dealer if he dealt me a bad beat jackpot, I'd give him 10% off the top.

Three hands later he dealt me KK and the final board was AA23A against the quads so I felt obligated to give him 10% of my take. (about 1500 bucks).
Dealers loved me after that....
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