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Originally Posted by darryl View Post
Haven't played in a few months. This was a live game. Nothing interesting happened during the session, so I'm posting this hand. That and no one posts in the strategy sections anymore.

$1-2 NL 9 handed. I'm sitting on about $180 in late position. A couple of limpers, I look down at 88 and raise it up to $10. SB and BB both call, so roughly $50 in the pot with five in the hand, I'm last to act. I had been playing pretty tight mostly just from being card dead.

Flop is K55. SB goes all in for his last $37. He had been playing a short stack game most of the time. He would do stuff like have $30, raise $12 pre and no one would call him since it was getting all in. It folds around to me. I'm thinking I only have to be good like 1 in 3 times and I should probably call.

But then I'm thinking there's no way he would take a stab at it with 4 more people to act. Then I was trying to decide if he was decent or not, and the fact that he was playing short made me think that he wasn't, but then I'm thinking, still - 4 people.

So what range to you put him on? Assuming he was small blind and has no problem even while short stack, putting 25% of his stack and and folding or pushing.

r d K5 suited
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