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kdaam is an unknown quantity at this point

Sorry for being too vague. I prefer to discuss things to consider in this situation rather than super specific answers.

Live Cash Game $1-$2
Effective stacks 200BBs
Hero has TAG image

Folds to Hero in MP who opens for 5BBs
Thinking LAG calls in CO
BB calls
3 to Flop
Hero bets 3/4 pot LAG calls BB folds
Turn Hero c/c to induce bluffs from floats and missed draws and to control pot size OOP

2nd Hand

Same betting sequence.
I'll change the cards to make a better straight more likely.


So is well within villains range but any 97 could have floated.

Scenario 2 villain is TAG.
Whatever you do, don't fold AK with 18bb, ever.- Swoop AE
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