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Originally Posted by killcrazy View Post
Originally Posted by darryl View Post
So what happens to the tensile strength when it melts because some unforeseen circumstance prevents the proper neutron moderation?
yeah you don't want to draw too much attention to tensile strength. the whole of the previous post hinges on people not knowing what that means.

I'm not saying this will happen or anything, if it's a newly designed plant and all of the employees are properly trained to handle as many scenarios as possible, it will be safer than pretty much any other power plant of any type.
i would argue that a plant that has been operating safely for several years would be safer. making pretty much every other power plant safer than a new, untested one...

I guess to answer my own question, it would melt and the radioactive materials would be released and one would hope that the containment room does it's job.
the chances of helvetica scenario are generally overstated.

Oh and KC, your calculations failed to include special relatively adjustments - not that it matters, you got your point across.
i made the appropriate relativistic adjustments, that's why we used a retired navy seal.

the faster you travel, the slower you age. when travelling faster than the speed of light you begin to age backwards. a navy seal on active duty aged, say, 32, would have unborn himself before the hammer reached the rod. the hammer itself would have turned into a tree and a lump of haematite, and the whole hideous apparatus would have been sucked into space.

Originally Posted by FL
Lmfao....that was fun to read, so i guess the chances of a rod breaking and spraying the goo everywhere is about as likely as me hitting the flop sandwiched between two agressive 200+ bb stacks with 50bb stack holding j9hh...
apparently you missed the part where i explained that uranium fuel rods do not contain anything that is (i) green or (ii) goo. also J9h will hit the flop in some form approximately 45% of the time.

Any tips on how to win $100 at 1/2 live friday? haha...
start with substantially more than $100 and leave before you lose it all.

man though whats the terror threat like in the UK anyway? i just got a new smart phone and its basically like a small computer...pretty nuts
apparently it's "severe" meaning "there's a general election in a month".

the first, last, and only time a nutter showed up with a bomb in a scottish city screaming allahu akbar he got the shit kicked out of him. i believe he was on fire at the time too. it's a bit like when the jehovah's witnesses come round and you try to convert them to roman catholicism. they realise you're even more mental than they are and they leave you the fuck alone.

in any case, we tend not to get ourselves too excited about such things in britain. after 30 years of irish republican conflict and regular (american funded) IRA bombings on the UK mainland, the phantasm of jihadi bogeymen hiding under the bed doesn't really phase us.

we're a poor target for terrorism because we don't rattle. someone blew up a train station did they? that's a shame, are the buses still running?

haha, just kick the crap out of that jihadi terrorist and light him on fire....

I mean, isn't that even money then? even if it hits that frequently, the action in that particular instance should've prompted me to fold. I called the straddle, 5, then the fat man, who I'd played with the previous day, raised to 15, then a huge stack 3bet to 40 and it was folded to me. Wouldn't you have folded instantly? I had about 50bb at that time and had just doubled back to where I was after waiting for almost 3 rounds for a spot. The basic trend of those several days was that after buying in for 80, i'd call 3x-4x raises in marginal position with marginal hand, and miss. Obviously I can't bluff or maneuver with 20 bb left, so all I can do is fold when I miss. But it's not like Im missing with AA or AK/AQ, missing with J9hh / KT / 33-77 etc. Generally when I finally do triple up, and sometimes quadruple up because im the short stack and people want to eliminate me, I don't win much because I've already missed several times already. Also there are often people waiting. There are two tables going at this club, with a smoke room, I really like it. And I know most of the crew now that runs the game so it's a mutual trust. the only thing left to do is start playing correctly like a boss and win.

Also, there are new developments on the plane that crashed. Can you believe one guy is responsible for the deaths of the entire flight? What kind of nut do you have to be to fly an airplane into a mountain? Also, how do they die, I guess burned alive? And you guys thought I was crazy...good lord
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