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feudallord will become famous soon enough

None. I am a pathetic loser who will never reproduce.

Although I see there was more to your post Darryl. Thanks for that though...I'm not really sure what to do at this point. right now im taking a break and focusing on work/saving money/paying bills. Theres nothing else really.

Like that hands with tens? I want you guys to be right....I'm still working on organizing the 100 pages or so of material from this site, but the raw document is on my phone. There are many instances where you/KC urge me to listen instead of reverting to maladaptive behavior (at the table). I'm reading everything these days, in between over and under the lines. It is just a matter of the "outcome actualizing" that all my incorrect plays at the virtual felt and off have led to me being deep in the hole.

Money lost can also be regarded as a sunk cost but when I have TT against 57 I figure to win the fcking hand. And the thing is the two overs on the flop and turn could've and probably would've hit at least one of the other two callers had that big stack not reraised with 57 to 75

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