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oh how glad am i that this thread got bumped.

also how glad am i that game center lets me watch the game in the afternoon when normal people are at work so that nobody heard all the yelling.

Originally Posted by balthazarr View Post
Originally Posted by killcrazy
first round match up is critical. i think optimal is to finish 4th in the division and get the wild card spot against anaheim. not because anaheim are weak, i just think st louis and nashville are going to be a tough fit for the wild.
hmm, not sure about this one. Out of the 3, we have our worst record against Anaheim this season... then again, we are the underdog against all of them, so I don't really care that much who we will play, I am just glad we made it to the playoffs.
my thinking with the ducks was that they've struggled in the postseason. that coupled with their goalies' relative inexperience might make them the best chance for an upset.

they're looking strong to win the conference though, so it's st louis or nashville for you...and you know, maybe that's a good thing. the wheels seem to be coming off nashville, 6-8-3 since the start of march, and the worst road record of the western playoff teams...the blues have won one playoff series in three's really hard to point to a team in the west and say "them. they will fuck everyone up". i think there's cause for some serious optimism in minnesota. you have a hot team at a time when there isn't really a monster team on your side of the league.

Originally Posted by balthazarr
I was playing in youth leagues where I think you could make a case for 'more shots on goal = more goals' as sooner or later the puck is bound to roll in somehow. This obviously doesn't translate to NHL-level goaltending except you are playing the Oilers.
Point proven
yeah, not such a convincing argument when the goalie is the guy who has to play backup to ben scrivens...

might i recommend asking youtube for "vesa toskala 197 foot goal". that should get you where you need to be.

Originally Posted by killcrazy
pretty good pick ups for you. stewart could be a diamond. came into the league and made a big noise about 5 years ago, then sort of faded away.
stewart has been really solid so far, seems like he fits in very well.
he's a guy i was hoping we'd go after, and a 2nd round pick in 2 years time seems like a good price. unfortunately our GM thought it better to spend a 2nd round pick, and a 4th round pick, and a fringe player...on daniel fucking winnik.

so far, he has failed to shit rainbows, and the only reason pens fans aren't spitting feathers about this is that right around the time we saw what that package could buy we inexplicably traded simon despres, a 6'4, 220lb. 23 year old, #4 defenceman who moves the puck well, hits like a train, and is more than happy to punch your face through the back of your head. on a team that lacks size and toughness, we took this man, a man who actually managed to make rob scuderi look like his future should be something other than being taken round the back of the consol energy center and shot through the head, we took this man and we traded him for a bucket of sloppy marshmallow goo who handles the puck like a donkey, hasn't won a battle against the boards since 1994, and who constantly forgets which side he's supposed to be playing on, eventually settling for standing right in front of the goalie perfectly screening him from the trauma of actually seeing an opposing player shooting the puck.

that's assuming of course that the nearest opposing player is at least ten feet away. if they're crashing the net, lovejoy is probably floating around the hash marks facing the wrong direction.

and what makes all of this worse is that we already had this gonzo turd of a player in the organisation once, and we rejoiced when we managed to find someone in the west who didn't know who he was, and who gave us a 5th round pick for putting the two trades together, we traded a sledgehammer on skates of a 23 year old #4 defenceman for a 5th round pick. we are fucking awesome.

so, now I need to ask the obvious: what the hell is going on with the penguins?
i kinda pre-empted this didn't i...

seems like they have been falling apart during the last month... I only saw some highlights but they seemed to be lacking in concentration and/or playing kinda frivolously (vs. columbus f.e.). I know Letang is out but apparently the problems started before that?
26-12-2 and 54pts in our first 40 games, 16-14-10 and 42pts in the 40 games since then. that's what happened.

it's not just letang, of course, but fuck shane doan and fuck the nhl for letting him get away with it. i don't remember the last time ehrhoff was healthy for longer than five minutes, though underwhelming would be a not unfair adjective to apply to him while he is healthy. on top of that, maatta got cancer followed by a fucked shoulder that took him out for basically the entire season. that's three of our top four. now factor in the despres trade, and last night our defence looked like this:

paul martin - ben lovejoy
rob scuderi - ian cole
derrick pouliot - taylor chorney

the rant about the forwards got very long so i cut it. the guys on my team you can name, they are awesome. the ones you can't are just dogshit. assuming you know we got hornqvist from nashville in the summer, if not then that happened, and he's been a gem for us.

coach is all over the place. in particular he seems to have a pathological hatred of malkin, insisting on sending him out with players so bad that he very nearly lamped one of them for being shit as they skated off after a shift last weekend. meanwhile we have david perron, who should be a 25G/50P guy (who has one point in his last ten games) playing with sutter (who every time i see him assume must be adopted because there is no fucking way that came out of brent), and a 23 year old kid (our only homegrown forward not named sid or evgeni) who put up 21 points in his first 47 games and who looks like he could be a handy winger if he wasn't stuffed onto the 4th line with max lapierre and craig fucking adams.

thanks. i needed that. i mean i've already done this three times today, once each at both of my flatmates and once at the wall, but i think another six or seven goes and i'll feel a bit better.

the entire office needs to be gutted. johnston came in saying the right things and has a great mind for hockey, but he can't coach, the players don't seem to care, and he's worthless as a bench boss. rutherford i feel isn't entirely master in his own house - the despres trade was apparently orchestrated by AGMs who were here when lovejoy was shipped out tied to the back of a mule three years ago - but he needs to go, as does the rest of the brain trust. oh yeah that's a point. we fucked up our cap so bad that we had to play a few games with 19 players. so there's that.

thing is, this isn't new. flip back a few years in a penguins forum and you can see people prophesying this kind of doom. shero did a great line in shit drafting and dumping off prospects and picks for overvalued underperforming rentals. on the rare occasion something beautiful did land in his lap, dan bylsma played a 500 goal future HOF right winger on the wrong fucking wing, on the third fucking line. shero is gone, and we're still doing this. we're going into the deepest draft in a decade with one pick (2nd) in the first four rounds...rutherford and johnston inherited a tire fire, but all they've really done is pour gasoline on it.

our only hope is mike babcock. give him as much money as he can stuff in his pockets, give him total control over his coaching team and as much GM authority as he wants, and let him fuck as many of mario's daughters are legal if it gets him to pittsburgh. i don't know why on earth he would want to come here, but we're boned if he doesn't.

is that the kind of thing you were looking for?

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