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I had one of my best played hand's ive had for awhile. I was playing in our local game here where i live and was dealt a pair of 7's pat. I was the first to bet and we play a max bet of 2.00 so i bet it all. All seven players i was playing with thought i was bluffing (because i mix my game up some) and called me. The flop came 3 7 J. Im thinking this is money but i want to keep them off guard, so i bet the minimum, and everyone calls thinking they just caught my bet. The turn comes up with an A, now is when i think, lets see what we got. I bet the max again and four people fold leaving me and three others. I assume they all think im holding a pair of aces or still bluffing. The river comes, 3 7 J A 2. Know i know these guys pretty well, and i know that if anyone had anything more then a pair they would have bet it, so i know this pot is mine, i come out betting the minimum again, and sure enough the guy after me calls and raises me two, I then call him and reraise another two. Getting me the bigest pot of the night. Its no high stakes game.. but still one of my better hands.
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