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Default Three good hands in a row.

I logged on to play and the very first hand (posting the sit in bb) I get pocket Tens. I raise preflop which drives two players out. Three of us see the flop.

Small cards on the flop and it checks to me so I bet. Unless someone is playing a bigger pair in the hole, I can't be beat at this point.

It checks to me at the turn and at the river... That is until the K falls at the river and gets bet and I have to play $2 to see what he has. (I do understand I'm beat at this point but have to see it for sure)

He has an AKos in the hole. I get beat by the top pair at ther river...

Down $7.

Guess what. I get Pocket Tens again! It calls for redemption.

Again I raise preflop and again three players see the flop.

It's nearly identical in play. At the flop it checks to me. I bet and get called.

I play the turn differently. It checks to me and I check and guy next to me checks. I'm confident at this point that with nothing at the River I have this hand.

At the river it again checks to me and I bet.

The guy who checked after me at the turn calls my bet and other guy folds.

What the heck does he have. A pocket pair?


I get beat with pocket Q this time - ???

Was that a good slow play(?) or someone playing out of fear of getting beat? He possibly could have gotten a raise or should have at least bet the turn and raised the river if he had me starting the bets with a raise preflop. Cause what's he thinking? Why is he playing if he thinks he's beat from the start? Is he calling all the way to the river thinking I have a pair higher than his? That wouldn't make sense. DOES IT?

Now if a bet came to me at the flop I would have raised. If it was called then I would have mucked.

I wanted to fast play these Tens and hopefully make someone like QQ think i have the AA/KK. But there were only checks even from the QQ.

Lose another $7 - any advice on this hand?


Yeah... big deal considering my pocket tens where I was ahead before it even started. But I'll play this technically sound (i think).

I call preflop figuring to benefit from a multiway pot which I get.

Flop sucks for everyone but I do get two of my suited cards. It again checks to me. I bet it out and it gets called with a few folds.

I have several outs at this point compared to how people are betting their hand and I have possible Top Pair eventually. One more for a nut flush so I'm playing.

Turn same thing. I didn't hit my flush.

Then a 2os at the river drops and it checks to me again.

I didn't hit my nut flush. But with all these checks nobody has anything but high cards playing for a draw or a small pair but I'm betting so why are they playing? If we are all drawing - I have the highest of the high cards and playing like I still have the winning hand.

Everyone has seen my pocket T in two hands previous right? I figure they know I have a good hand. So I can bluff this one out. Bet the river and hope the last two guys fold.

I'm wondering why anyone who was still in was playing knowing a flush could hit at the river???

Should I just check and see what's what or bet and hopefully drive the last two guys out.

I bet, one guy folds (probably playing for the flush as well) one guy calls.

What do you think he has?

An A2os. (He probably would have folded at this point without a pair right?)

So what guy would stick it out to the river with an A2 against someone betting thru the hand???

I read everything right didn't I?

I had to leave and hit the punching bag for a while.
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