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Default When to play 53 suited...

To cap off the weekly home game on Monday the 5 players played a winner take all $20 buyin NLHE tournament. My cards ran hot and I ended up winning. We decided to play another round of the same and my cards continued hot with lots of two pair flops and such and I won again.

So now we decided to play just one more tournament for a $10 buyin. I am up $160 for the tournaments and all I am thinking is "I better not win this last one or they will never play NLHE with me again." Now I started folding Ax and such looking for half-assed hands to play (but not utter garbage.) A Q5 comes and I play but the flop is Qxx. I instinctively bet forgetiing that I need to dump and 2 call. Then I remember and start checking hoping for a bet so that I can fold. No such luck and my pair Qs hold and I win a medium pot. Argh!

I keep watching and the guy to my left wins a decent hand so he and I are the early chip leaders. I get a 5-3 spades in the blind and the UTG player to my left goes all-in. I think about it awhile and decide to call on the basis that I can claim I was running hot and I had a feeling that spades would come up. So we are all in and he shows JT clubs. Oops! I have a better than 33% chance to win. (I was sure he had at least a medium pair giving me less than 15% to win.) Sure enough the flop has a 3, the turn is a 5 and I win again. Now there is little to do but mop up and take down the third tournament too.

It will be interesting to see if the guys are up for NLHE next Monday or we go back to capping the evening off with a round of Mexican Sweat.

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