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Default Blinded by the 632 flop

Yesterday. It was late in the NLHE tournament. About 60 left out of 487. I was in the big blind with K2s and there was just one caller. I got to see a free flop and it was 632. No betting. Turn 8. No betting. River 2.

Here I got a little greedy and made a medium bet with my trip 2s.
The other guy raised me back for 1/2 my stack. I decided to go all-in
and zowie -- he had the pp6 to zing me.

This morning. It was early in a NLHE tournament and i had 32 in the big blind. There was one caller and the flop came 632. Since this caller had just reraised me with an all-in the previous hand, I decided to do the same to him this time when he raised me 240. Zowie again -- 45!

No more betting from the blind with less than the nutz for me!

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