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Default Pacific poker has the worst players ever!

I recently moved to Pacific Poker from Pokerstars after looking at the flop % and the play there and I must say that I have never seen worse players.

I sat down at a .25 .50 table to get used to the 80% flop style of play and watched the biggest maniac I have ever seen rack up a $60 bankroll by chasing EVERYTHING and catching it. He was in with any hand no matter what the raises were. For the first 45 minutes I got nothing but nut flush draws that never panned out.

I finally got a good hand and caught a straight to the ace with him raising the whole way. But then, the board pairs 10s and the river is a king and the one hand I am in with the guy who plays anything he has pocket kings and catches a king for the full house. Disgusting.

I was down to 4 bucks when the following hand occurred.

I hold Ah Qc in 3rd position and raise and get re raised and re re raised immediately to my left. Amazingly TWO more people called the full raise. Normally I would fold but another maniac had joined the party right next to the first. I call, the blinds bail.

Flop is 4h 3s Qs. I lead out. I get raised by maniac 1, maniac 2(the original maniac) raises him, caller 1 calls, caller 2 bails. I call but maniac 1 re-raises. All call. At this point there is 9 dollars in the pot and I am fully committed with only $2.16 left.

Turn is 9c. I check, maniac 1 bets, maniac 2 raises, caller calls, I call, maniac 1 re raises, maniac 2 re raises again and caps.

River is 2c. I bet my last .16 and the maniacs go at it full in a wild orgy of raising again.

I flip up my AQ and take the $17.60 main pot amazingly with a pair of queens. Maniac 1 shows his pocket 6s to win the $3 side pot.


That means that the original maniac, who is down to 29 dollars from 60 was raising and re raising with NOTHING the whole time. I imagine he had a flush or straight draw. Not only that but he continued to raise and call even on the river when it didn't pan out.
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