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With a pocket tens you were leading the whole way in a loose game and I don't think you will get AK to fold unless there is a lot of action after the flop in which case you may worry about two pair.

The second time with tens you can almost thank them for not raising. If I was playing it their lack of a raise would have saved me one big bet if I felt they were loose. If they raise pre flop I would call instead of raise and then when they bet into a rag flop I would have raised and then they would have reraised. Then I would have called them on the turn and river. The lack of a raise from them cost them a fairly good pot. They probably play any pocket pair to the river or showdown and they get beat too often when an ace or king comes on the river, so therefore no raise. With poket queens you will be leading after more half the flops...they should always raise.

On the third hand always raise preflop with AK even offsuit. You will see and A or K one time for every two times you do not and if you have two other people or more seeing the flop you will have the odds to play with top pair. Don't be afraid to check and fold when the flop misses your hand.
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