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Default I love hitting a str8 flush when someone has the A hi flush

Getting Hand History Information...

Hand #560025-13 at Sat1amNL-01 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
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Started at 25/Oct/03 01:14:34

jdl50 is at seat 0 with 1030.
Languid is at seat 1 with 1700.
mitchman1114 is at seat 2 with 1965.
Cigar is at seat 3 with 1845.
dirtydawg is at seat 4 with 2230.
Todd A is at seat 5 with 965.
McKnife is at seat 6 with 865.
ThirdEyeOpen is at seat 7 with 1115.
desertslim is at seat 8 with 1870.
hemp is at seat 9 with 650.
The button is at seat 9.

jdl50 posts the small blind of 10.
Languid posts the big blind of 20.

jdl50: -- --
Languid: -- --
mitchman1114: -- --
Cigar: -- --
dirtydawg: -- --
Todd A: -- --
McKnife: -- --
ThirdEyeOpen: Qs 8s
desertslim: -- --
hemp: -- --


mitchman1114 folds. Cigar folds. dirtydawg calls.
Todd A folds. McKnife folds. ThirdEyeOpen calls.
desertslim folds. hemp calls. jdl50 calls.
Languid checks.

Flop (board: 9s Qc Js):

jdl50 checks. Languid checks. dirtydawg bets 100.
ThirdEyeOpen calls. hemp folds. jdl50 folds.
Languid folds.

Turn (board: 9s Qc Js 6c):

dirtydawg checks. ThirdEyeOpen bets 50. dirtydawg

River (board: 9s Qc Js 6c Ts):

dirtydawg checks. ThirdEyeOpen bets 400. dirtydawg
raises to 1600. ThirdEyeOpen goes all-in for 945.
dirtydawg is returned 655 (uncalled).

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

dirtydawg shows As 6s.
ThirdEyeOpen shows Qs 8s.


dirtydawg has As 6s 9s Js Ts: flush, ace high.
ThirdEyeOpen has Qs 8s 9s Js Ts: straight flush, queen high.

Hand #560025-13 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
ThirdEyeOpen wins 2290 with straight flush, queen high.
"If you've been sitting at the table for half an hour and you haven't figured out who the sucker is, you ARE the sucker."
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