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Default So this is what doyle brunson was talking about...

OK OK, i know, i chased it but spiking a straight flush is sweet lol

Hand #769276-14139 at Searights (No Limit Hold'em)
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Started at 12/Jan/04 16:56:55

QuitYourCryin is at seat 0 with $30.45.
ALL-IN is at seat 1 with $24.80.
verbalkint is at seat 4 with $6.45.
celts0008 is at seat 5 with $12.95.
BlingPing is at seat 6 with $13.65.
Angel_2u is at seat 7 with $37.15.
ml112982 is at seat 8 with $41.65.
cleverguy13 is at seat 9 with $41.35.
The button is at seat 9.

QuitYourCryin posts the small blind of $.10.
ALL-IN posts the big blind of $.25.

QuitYourCryin: -- --
ALL-IN: -- --
verbalkint: -- --
celts0008: -- --
BlingPing: 7d 6d
Angel_2u: -- --
ml112982: -- --
cleverguy13: -- --


verbalkint raises to $.85. celts0008 calls.
BlingPing calls. Angel_2u folds. ml112982 folds.
cleverguy13 folds. QuitYourCryin folds. ALL-IN

Flop (board: 5d 8d 2c):

ALL-IN checks. verbalkint bets $3.50. celts0008
folds. BlingPing calls. ALL-IN raises to $12.
verbalkint goes all-in for $5.60. BlingPing calls.

Turn (board: 5d 8d 2c 6h):

ALL-IN bets $.80. BlingPing goes all-in for $.80.

River (board: 5d 8d 2c 6h 4d):

(no action in this round)


ALL-IN shows 5s 5c.
ALL-IN has 5s 5c 5d 8d 6h: three fives.
verbalkint shows Th Tc.
verbalkint has Th Tc 5d 8d 6h: a pair of tens.
BlingPing shows 7d 6d.
BlingPing has 7d 6d 5d 8d 4d: straight flush, eight high.

Hand #769276-14139 Summary:

$1 is raked from a total pot of $34.70.
$1 is raked from the main pot of $20.30.
$0 is raked from side pot #1 of $14.40.
BlingPing wins the main pot $19.30 with straight flush, eight high.
BlingPing wins the side pot $14.40 with straight flush, eight high.
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