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Default I hate poker!

For the moment, I just hate this game!

I'm not a high-roller, just a guy with some sense of the game and a
couple of bucks.

But the fact that the best decisions still get you nothing quite a few
times is very frustrating.
I just went all-in with AQ suited, I was short stacked, one guy called, he had 33, the flop came Ace..yes...the help to anyone...the river...boom a 3 and that was it.

Previously on the same round, I had KK- raised and got 3 callers, the flop came...boom an kings were worthless...tried to stay in the hand to catch a full house or three of a kind, only to see my chips fade away.

Earlier the same round, came across Big Slick...went all caller - with AJ- was delighted to see this, since I only had to dodge a Jack...the flop came...boom a Jack of course.

These overcards are killing me! Give me suited connectors and I try to catch a straight or a flush or fold. These cards aren't quite that expensive.
The house doesn't beat the player. It just gives him the opportunity to beat himself.
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