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Bollocks, when I say "that dog is gay" i mean "that dog is a thing that i do not like", there is no implied subtext, antihomosexual or otherwise. Passive aggressive my arse.

If you use gay to describe things you don't like, it implies you don't like gays. There is really no two ways around that.

Hence, why I could see this being offensive for someone who is gay, if you choose to dislike them based solely on their sexual orientation.

Would it be appropriate if you called the dog a n*gger dog because you didn't like it? Or do you consider this the same thing, and okay?

You made a bunch of other comments, but I don't feel up to commenting on them. I posted my last post in about 2 seconds before I went to a job interview - The point of my holocaust example was just to give another example. It's not really of relevance whether it is a verb or a noun.
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