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Originally Posted by "killcrazy
It was a pretty shit example lets be fair, if I were you I'd be thankful that Killcrazy took the time to actually dismantle your argument, rather than just tell you how dumb you are.

Yes, I'm ever so thankful you've taken the time to voice your brilliant opinions . Really all you seemed to have done is claim that you know people who are of different backgrounds, and claimed this makes it okay for you to use words which put them in a negative light.

People do that a lot ... "Oh no, I'm not racist ... I have a black friend" .. That sort of thing. Just because you have some black friends, some gay friends, some rape victims, that don't find these things offensive, that hardly is indicative of the entire demographic. If you choose to only care about those who are your friends, then I suppose that's your perogative.

At any rate.. We obviously have different opinions, and it's not serving much purpose to continue talking about it here. I see your opinion, and although you disagree, I hope you can at least see my vantage point.

I hope you can at least agree that none of this language we have mentioned serves any real purpose in a poker forum, and doesn't add a whole lot to the community.

Soooo anyway, who wants to go back to talking about poker?
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