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Default OM freakin G, ready to tear my hair out

I started playing the SNGs on pacific. I played at pacific a long time ago at the limit cash games and did quite well. i then started doing EXTREMELY well at SNG's on other sites. I figured I would go back to Pacific and give it a go.

1. $800 worth of chips for no limit with starting $20 blinds.. are you kidding me ??????????????????? I could see if it started with 5 or 10, that makes more sense, but right off at 20 like most other sites. Its like your starting handicapped. You make a couple of pot sized bets your out of the game. Most of the time 3 people are out in less than 10-15 hands.

2. this is my real grip.... i lost THREE !!!! .... yes THREE times to trips.... no big deal right. well let me finish. every single time i lost to one ranking kicker. Short hand game so the hand value goes up keeep in mind. I get like JQ suited, J10 suited whatever. i limp in. hit trips. im short stacked of course (who isn't at this freakin site) so i all in.... the other guy calls me with yes JQ when i had J10 , and yes KJ when I had JQ and the third time was when it was down to three of us I was the BB so i was in. everyone limped... i had 52o the other guy ahd 62o. flip trip twos... I'm like thank god.. so i all in. to my surprise the chips go to him............still not done. when i was out kicked i waso outkicked by the 5th card. the 4th card was always a higher overcard on the board. such as A K and the third time Q.

I'm ready to go insane.....i give it three thumbs down ! (not because i lost but because of the extremely low chip count on NL tourny's)
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