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Of course I know that it can be very hard to let trips go, especially if someone has been acting like a manic and puts u all in with them. I guess what I am trying to say is to, especially in sit n gos, is to be more cautious to what could be out there. Placing in sit n gos consistantly for me atleast means playing a tighter and more cautios game, seeing as how the thousand in chips i lose is alot more valuable then the thousand I can win. I am usually not building the pot huge enough to justify a call when I all in unless i have the serious nuts, or that the odds that there is hand out there that can beat me is very, very slim. And the chip count is 1,000 i believe not 800, atleast in all the ones I have played it has been.

I thought there was a edit button to edit posts where the hell did it go?

AH NM I wasn't logged in. I could re- edit it to show up in one post now but im to tired anyway so screw it.
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