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i like to give things a chance and not run away... but that doesn't change me liking it or not.

this is todays update so far.

all the cash I won at limit i lost today. it was "flop board pair" day, thus far I played probably 3 hours and i bet i saw 40 hands do that.... i wonder if there isn't distinctivenes in the different site's card randomizers ? like one site has a tendency to do one thing than anothers ? ... i dont know food for thought.

anyway. i dont know if im playing too low of a limit or not but im taking what i consider huge swings on the limit games. ill win big with idiots staying with crap and lost big to it to... for instance, people chasing gut draw straights and so forth. calling the reraises and everything. even prefolop with gapped off suite cards. i try that for an experiment and i lose big.

my SNG win rate.. as in first place is about 70%. id say another 15% as 2nd and 3rd and another 15% as 4th or less. as in if i play 3 SNGs a day ill get first place twice. if i dont i get pissed and ill play 4. so i lost three in a row at pacific which is unheard of for me... and it was over hands like that.. not becuase i had Jacks and someone flipped kings or whatever or aces. but it coming down to the 5th card and their card is one rank higher than mine.... enough to piss anyone off

anyway, i played another today.. .why i dont know but i did. and i got second.. i was still upset cuz it was down to me and someone elsea nd my stack was a few BB bigger than his and the flop was rainbow J 8 3 , he checks so i bet half the pot. (i had 86o ) he sits and thinks for a while then raises all in. i sat and thought... i caught this guy bluffing several times along the way.......he probably is now. i made a dumb call and he had J2o ... i lost. i was mad at myself for calling that.

so i won a few bucks back.. dont know. probably still cash out, ill make my decision tonight.
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