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you dont have to beleive me.. makes no difference to me.

you tellin me some of these better players here went down and played low level SNGs wouldnt do the same ???

it effects my win rate none weather you beleive me or not. ... and that only counts for SNG's , MTTs i get bout mid pack,... and limit i usually get ahead slightly. last night was the most i ever got ahead im limit cash games, i was up 35 big bets.


i appreciate the comments, thank you.

i should maybe clarify my win rate.... ive been winning like that for i would say about two months. and i play approx 20 SNG's a week. I dont know if thats enough to justify my play, maybe thats just a really good really long win streak i dont know. i thought it was at first for the first week then i kept it up for weeks and weeks in a row.

i just think seeing by the way people talk here with limit and how they totall kill it, espeically at lower limits like KC, i dont see why i cant do the same with low limit SNGs, i mean if KC or two gun or some of the other really good players here played them im sure they would do better than i, it would probably be like a 90 or 95% win rate...... would it not ? and also keep in mind, im fully aware if i were to move up id be killed. like a $50 rate or above or so. im just trying to be a big fish in a little pond, and why shouldnt i ?
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