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you boy beleive what you want, ill take your not believing me as a sign i must be doing something right. ill just keep doing what im doing with low level SNG's.

whats funny though is i'm fairly new to all the stats and so forth so i have no idea whats "good" and "great" or even unheard of. im just telling you the real stats. if i was as knowledgable as you all and someone said something off the wall i probably wouldnt beleive them either. it would be like someone saying on one of my motocross boards someone just started riding and they are hitting a 9 ft tall ramp at 90 ft doing "hart attacks" . id just pass it by as typical dipshit. however, such people exist. Travis Pastrana's cousin rode a bike for 4 weeks and was doing backflips and he is the FIRST person to ever do a back flip and land it their frist time. every single time a person flips for the first time they always wreck. as they say, fact is stranger than fiction. for the record, im not lying... beleive what you will.

i do feel my low limit cash game needs help badly though.
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