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Amen on the play money tables and not wanting to use them except for learning how the site controls work.

Play money tables are a breading ground for fish, and if anything they would only help cement bad habits in your game that you will later on have to work to fix.

Much like playing the way you see final tables play on TV, they are good to help you understand the game but not how to play typical and proper poker, unless you happen to be at a final table

If you goto any of the poker sites, you will find a FAQ that will give you the general idea of how Hold'em works, and some even have "poker school" that will slightly expand on the topic.

Once you have an understanding of how the game is played, hit the strategy section here to give yourself a huge leg up on others who are just starting out.

Play at a site that has micro-limits so you don't blow a lot of money putting what you have read into practise.

There is a huge difference in the way people play for pennies than with play money, and you will be starting on the right foor rather than mimicing what you see at the play money tables.
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